Reasonable Questions For Unreasonable Times

Glenn Beck: Reasonable Questions For Unreasonable Times, Part 5, 8.28.09 (UPDATED: 5 Pledges)

THIS IS A MUST WATCH EPISODE OF GLENN BECK! IN or OUT IN 2010!!!! The Revolution Now Has A Serious Voice! Ready for some Beatles? Glenn finishes up his "The New Republic: America's Future" series today with an episode that provides some ideas of what we can do, starting with some real and disturbing facts about education in districts controlled by Democrats, criminals, and gun control, (that we already knew about). Glenn speaks about standing up and not cowering when we are called names. No more shaming of American Patriots! (Kinda like hanging out here on the Monster with the…
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Glenn Beck: Reasonable Questions For Unreasonable Times, Part 4, 8.27.09

Dear readers; as you may have noticed, the Monster is getting hammered today and I am still not quite sure whether it is my site or just the host server.  Bear with us.  I am sure it has nothing to do with Glenn Beck's program. (Update: it has nothing to do with my server and everything to do with my site - comments anyone? LOL) July 2008: Yes, we were talking about this before Obama received his party's nomination for president - and where was the media?  ....crickets.... Glenn Beck's The New Republic: America's Future; Day 4.  Link to Entire…
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Glenn Beck: Reasonable Questions For Unreasonable Times, Part 3, 8.26.09

I have a few questions. Have you seen enough and read enough yet to get your butts off your couches and on your way to Washington DC for the 9.12 March? Are you ready to start removing the cancer from our Congress? Where is a congressman or senator who wishes to elevate themselves to a place of historic statesman by calling for an investigation of all things "White House"? Glenn covers the new FCC Chief Diversity czar, officer, advisor, whatever, the crushing of free speech and an interview with Rush Limbaugh.  Glenn is finally saying what we have been saying…
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