Rasmussen Reports

Rasmussen Reports On Current Economic Sitution

21 straight months of job losses. 62% of Americans believe that their childrens lives will not be better than theirs. Are we all wrong, or is it because we don't get to use the federal credit card every time we or our friends get into trouble? Ready to flip this Congress and White House back to fiscally responsible Americans? Ready to get rid of The Federal Reserve and Federal Reserve Notes? Ready to make this government live within it's means? Ready to stop the trainwreck that the two-party system controlled by progressive socialists has put us on?
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“We Told You”

I rarely tell somebody "I Told You So" because so often it comes back around to bite ya in the butt, but this is one situation where I am comfortable making the statement "We Told You!" about the coming Obama Idiocy because America is now so incredibly on fire due to decisions and programs that former administrations and congresses have made since Teddy Roosevelt that Obama and his socialist absorption of our entire economy is just the final straw on the camel's back. We told you this guy was a fraud and a poseur, and 69 million lemmings still decided…
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