Once Again; How Stupid Does The Government Think We Are?

Eight days ago I did something I have not done in months; I bought a bottle of wine and drank 3/4 of it in one evening in the hope that a little self-medication would relieve my angst.  For 8 days, I have been suspended in that split second of motionless time when you see the … Read more Once Again; How Stupid Does The Government Think We Are?

Rahm, Rush, and Newt

Grail Guardian left this comment very early yesterday and her question cuts right down the middle! I’ve been thinking about this since last night, and the question that keeps popping into my head is this: Why does Barack Obama want Rush Limbaugh to be the de facto leader of the Republican party? The answer is … Read more Rahm, Rush, and Newt

We All Knew This…

For those of us that have not supported the Hopey-Changey Train from the very beginning, none of this is a surprise, and the waiting for the truth about Emanuel to surface is not a surprise either since we all know that some very powerful people are protecting The One, His Wife and His “Second Wife”, … Read more We All Knew This…

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