Ben Bernanke, Spinning At Rest

It's 17 minutes of important footage that you should be watching. Presidents are distractions from the really powerbrokers, the Federal Reserve Mafia. "A self-sustaining recovery may be taking hold..." Overall however, improving household and business confidence, a combinative(?) monetary policy, and more supportive financial conditions, including an apparent increase in the willingness of banks to make loans seems likely to lead to a more rapid pace of economic recovery in 2011 than we saw last year. Are you feeling more confident?  Are banks actually lending?  Do you think we are recovering?  At what point is Ben Bernanke going to be…
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Diane Swonk on QE2: ‘The Fed Doesn’t Have Any Other Alternative’

Those are some very comforting words aren't they?  I think I mentioned sometime last week that QE2 was a 'Hail Mary' pass by the Fed. Looks like the American people were right again. 'Better to try QE2 and fail then not trying anything at all' Maybe dismantling the Federal Reserve Mafia and their extortion arm, the IRS might actually be a better idea for getting the economy moving.  The ponzi scheme of selling bonds to pay off bonds is getting very old, and whether the economy gets a hard knock from changing the system back to a stable backed currency…
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Glenn Beck, 11.15.2010: Building The ‘People of The Decade’

Glenn uses the beginning of this program to recap many of the 'crazy' things he has told people about in the last four years that have come true from getting out of the stock market, protecting your 401(k), getting out of debt, the monetization of the federal debt by the Federal Reserve mafia, the rise in the price of gold, the decline of Mexico, the progressives taking off their masks, the unions, communists, death panels, etc.  Glenn has enlisted 912SuperSeniors.org and AsaMom.org to be inflation watchdogs. He also covers how congressmen and senators should never make more than our soldiers…
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