Live Streaming Puerto Rico Vote (House)(Updated)

Just a programming note for readers:
The House has just opened up the vote for consideration of a 90 minute debate upon H.R. 2499 – Puerto Rico Democracy Act of 2009.  To see the live streaming coverage, go to C-Span here.

UPDATE: 4.29.2010

The House has passed H.R. 2499 with the deliberately opaque language asking Puerto Ricans if they are happy with their current government and opening the door to the progressive movement’s statehood push.

The Roll Call Vote record is here.

H.R. 2499 is here.

Glenn Beck’s breakdown of this bill is here.

Glenn Beck, 4.28.10; Puerto Rico and H.R. 2499 (VIDEO)

Glenn Beck, 4.28.10; Puerto Rico and H.R. 2499 (VIDEO)

Glenn covers H.R. 2499, which he reports is to be voted on tomorrow.  I have looked at both the Senate and House schedules and it is not listed on either.    At this point, I can’t trust the congress as far as I can look at them, so they may have already sent it to be signed by the pResident by deeming it; who knows.

Anywhoooo – Glenn explains the problems with H.R. 2499 and how it opens the door to Puerto Rico becoming the 51st state even though they have voted against statehood on three different occasions.  He explains how the progressives are using the ‘Tennessee Plan’ of forcing the issue of statehood to achieve statehood for the four million voters who now reside in this American territory.  Glenn backs this plan up with facts from the very political party in Puerto Rico pushing this bill; The New Progressive Party.  This party’s platform goals are to achieve statehood and ‘social justice’.


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