Robert Welch; ‘Whatever Else, Call Him Correct’

Whatever you may think of the John Birch Society, founder Robert Welch explains (36 years ago quoting from a 52 year old speech) what is happening right now in our country. It appears that Mr. Welch has an incredible grasp of the problems in our country back then and the course that America was headed for because of progressivism. Is it because he was born in 1899 and lived through the changes happening right before his eyes?
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Glenn Beck, 3.2.2010: Big vs. Small Government

It appears that FoxNews, LLC has "claimed the copyright on their shows", and has asked YouTube to suspend certain accounts that feature the Beck videos.  Quite an interesting conundrum considering the saudi prince's investment in the parent company... I have no idea how long Beck videos will be available for posting. Here is today's show. Part 2: Part 3: Part 4:
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Glenn Beck, 2.9.2010: Progressive Lies, Claremont Institute, And Innovation

For those that are suffering from the same "democratic' delusions as progressive Joe Klein of 'Time', watch this video first. America is a republic, not a democracy. Glenn starts the show explaining the progressive lies about taxing the rich, the Laffer curve, the roaring '20's and what we need now - innovation. Part 1: Part 2, Coolidge and Harding reduced taxes: Part 3, Beck hammers Joe Klein (we are all dummies): Part 4, the enemy of the Constitution is the progressive movement. Brian Kennedy, president of The Claremont Institute: Part 5, California grows radical progressives, and David Horowitz on radicals:…
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Obama Meeting With Bushes

In keeping with the themes of a 'deficit of trust', and a new spirit of bi-partisanship; can someone explain this to me, because you know I have questions. Mysterious Bush-Bush-Obama meeting at the Oval Office this morning President Barack Obama hosted a pair of Bushes this morning in the Oval Office: former President George H.W. Bush and his son, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush. The White House described it as a social call, but feel free to speculate. Jeb Bush's presence was unexpected -- the White House hadn't said anything about him being invited. It's all very... bipartisan. The Bushes…
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