Gerald Celente, 6.21.2011: IMF, ‘Loan Sharks Of Last Resort’

Alex Jones interviews Gerald Celente on the world economic problems including Greece, Italy, and Portugal, and how Bernanke is considering another stimulus to keep the ponzi scheme going.  Oh yeah, the dominoes are getting ready to fall…

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The European Monetary Situation

EVERYBODY PAY ATTENTION TO IRAN AND NORTH KOREA; nothing to see here, move along. One false move in Europe could set off global chain reaction If the trouble starts — and it remains an “if” — the trigger may well be obscure to the concerns of most Americans: a missed budget projection by the Spanish … Read more The European Monetary Situation

The Dominoes Are Rocking

Strap in folks, the slow motion train wreck we have been watching since 2006 is picking up speed.  The DOW dropped 213 points yesterday in response to Greece and Portugal’s credit rating changes and Goldman Sachs all over the news in front of Congress.  The dominoes of teetering governments that Basil, the IMF, the WB, The Fed, and the other usual suspects have been trying to keep upright are now gently rocking.  So far, the only person who appears to have their head screwed on straight is Angela Merkel, Germany’s Chancellor.

Fears of Greek debt default hit markets

(Reuters) – Fears that a planned rescue of Greece could stall and extend the financial crisis to other euro zone countries hit European markets on Wednesday as investors worried that Athens may default on its debt.

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