Obama Still Ignoring The Average American

Obama Still Ignoring The Average American

The District of Criminals did not listen to us about the bank bailouts, TARP, the Porkulus, Cap & Tax, or healthcare reform.  We know they are not going to be listening now even though 61% of Americans want congress to completely start over on health care according to Rasmussen. Is it any wonder we want to flip the entire congress to constitutionalists that might actually listen to us and who will neuter Barack’s ambitions?

Health Care Reform
61% Say Congress Should Start All Over Again on Health Care

President Obama this week called for a televised bipartisan summit to get his health care reform plan back on track, but 61% of U.S. voters say Congress should scrap that plan and start all over again.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds just 28% who think it is better to build on the health care plan that has been working its way through the House and Senate.

Support for and opposition to the existing plan remain at the same levels they’ve been at since just after Thanksgiving.

Only 35% of voters believe Congress should pass health care reform before the upcoming midterm elections anyway. Fifty-four percent (54%) say Congress should wait until voters select new congressional representatives in November.

Check out this paragraph and percentile. (emphasis mine)

It’s interesting to note that in a separate survey earlier this week 63% of voters said, generally speaking, it would be better for the country if most incumbents in Congress were defeated this November. Just 27% now believe their current congressman is the best person for the job.

Here are the numbers by party and ‘class’:

Similarly, 66% of Democrats think Congress should pass health care reform before the November elections. Eighty percent (80%) of Republicans and 59% of unaffiliateds say it’s better to wait until voters select a new Congress.

Democrats have consistently rated health care reform as the most important of the president’s budget priorities, while GOP and unaffiliated voters put deficit reduction in first place.

Voters in the president’s party also continue to be the strongest supporters of the present health care plan: 72% favor it, including 37% who strongly favor it.

By contrast, 89% of Republicans and 66% of unaffiliated voters oppose the plan. Those numbers include 75% and 57% respectively who strongly oppose the president’s plan.

The Political Class, as is generally the case, doesn’t see eye-to-eye with Mainstream voters on the issue. While 75% of Mainstream voters oppose the plan, 87% of the Political Class favors it.

Eighty-five percent (85%) of the Political Class say it’s better to build on the current plan, but 74% of Mainstream voters say Congress should start all over again.

Eighty-two percent (82%) of the Political Class say Congress should pass health care reform before the midterm elections. Sixty-eight percent (68%) of Mainstream voters want to wait until after voters select a new Congress in November.

For now at least, voter unhappiness with the health care reform plan seems to be hurting the reelection chances of incumbent Democratic senators in several states including Arkansas, California, Colorado, Indiana, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Proof positive that we are stupider than we think…the political class must know what is best for us…

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