Glenn Beck, 1.17.2011 to 1.19.2011

Monday, 1.17.2011, ‘Looking Evil In The Eye’:

Tuesday, 1.18.2011, White House rolling out the red carpet for our new landlord – China while the MSM is talking about ‘dangerous rhetoric’:

Wednesday, 1.19.2011, ‘Words We Shouldn’t Say’ while Obama is selling us out to the Chinese.  Pay attention at the five minute mark for a good laugh.

(A special thanks to CaptAmerica for continuing to put up this show length vids!)

Glenn Beck, 2.3.2010; Obama – Amateur Hour

Have you ever seen a pResident break as many promises as Obama has? Have you ever seen a pResident get so little productive work actually done?

Wait until you see the savings from the ‘spending freeze’ in the water jug example.

For the entire show, go here.

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