AYFKM?: Peter Schiff Has Finally Received ‘Permission’ To Grow His Business & Hire More Employees


Peter Schiff, CEO of Euro Pacific Capital (and accurate economic forecaster) appearing on ‘Huckabee’ explaining his congressional testimony about government regulations making ‘hiring one of the riskiest things to do in the U.S.’ and how in 2008, his brokerage firm was growing and a regulatory body, FINRA, fined him $15,000 for hiring too many people too fast. “I didn’t realize that I didn’t have regulatory permission to grow my business that fast…and I got into trouble when I didn’t stop hiring when I was told to.”


This story goes even farther down the ‘Are You Freakin’ Kidding Me?’ lane…

Peter Schiff spent $500,000 in legal fees proving that he had made an honest mistake when he did not stop hiring when instructed to.

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Peter Schiff On The Fed’s ‘Operation Twist’

I just checked the Asian and European markets and guess what?  They are tanking by upwards of 5%.  You all know what that means; yep, the DOW is going to dive on opening unless somebody out there is doing a massive manipulation.  The DOW futures are at -256 at this moment.

Now here is Peter Schiff explaing the Federal Reserve’s last ditch effort to artificially stimulate the economy, and the continued low interest rates that are killing our economy and driving us farther into depression.  We are watching the collapse happen in slow motion right in front of our eyes; are you ready?

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Americans Are Just Done With This Government

Talk about a ‘deficit of trust’; the DOW drops almost 513 points and everybody is wondering what is causing the market selloff. I humbly propose a theory; Americans are just done with politicians that have shown they have no clue, no desire, and no sense of urgency to actually fix the economy when the proper tools exist. Everybody is just freakin’ tired of watching their savings evaporate, losing their jobs and homes, watching food and gas prices go through the roof, and politicians going on vacation after sinking us almost $3 TRILLION more into debt.  They have finally caught up with tea party patriots and stopped denying that you just can’t fix stupid.  Americans are taking their cash, stuffing the mattress, buying gold and guns….and waiting for someone with half a freakin’ clue to show up with the gravitas to herd the congressional sheep in the proper direction.  We are going to wait this government out with a economic revolution.

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Peter Schiff’s Fortune Telling About Our Debt and China

Peter Schiff gave a speech at the Mises Institute on March 13, 2009 to a group of economists speaking about what will happen with our debt that is being held by the Chinese. One would think this is a comedy routine until Peter gets to the end of the video… It works until nobody wants … Read more Peter Schiff’s Fortune Telling About Our Debt and China

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