Cody Alicea Receives Patriotic Escort AND An Apology

Denair, CA resident Cody Alicea was told last week that he could not fly his American flag on his bicycle while riding to school.  Today, Cody received massive community support from bikers and motorists alike supporting his right to fly an American flag in America. The school has since apologized for their stupidity.

13 Year Old Flag Boy Gets Parade and Apology

Escort footage:

Escort footage:

The apology:

I guess we are all outlaws now…

AYFKM? No Singing Of The National Anthem At The Lincoln Memorial

AYFKM? No Singing Of The National Anthem At The Lincoln Memorial

(Only now are we seeing the blatant trail of the anti-American globalists in the upside-down world of Obama.)

A group from the Young Americas Foundation while visiting the Lincoln Memorial on June 25th were so moved by the experience that they started singing the national anthem only to be told they had to stop by a member of the Park Service.

Is it a surprise to anyone that Obama no longer holds the American flag in enough esteem to actually have it in the same room with him?

Obama Press Conference With Teleprompters In Attendance But No American Flags

I am still waiting to see the pResident, Barry Soetoro, (indonesian citizen?/kenyan citizen?/british subject?/natural born American citizen?) to be perp-walked in handcuffs out of the White House.


I understand why Barry wouldn’t ‘get’ this video because he really isn’t an American, but what up with Michelle? Who is the bigger traitor?

Might be a good idea to send this one viral too.

(H/T BigGovernment)

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