Pat Caddell

Democrat Pollster, Pat Caddell Is Watching The Tsunami Form

Pat Caddell being interviewed on America Live, 8.5.2010, has been watching the polls and is predicting a tsunami in November, and believes the democrats in Washington are kidding themselves.  He sees some polls as being 'pre-revolutionary' (only 21% of Americans believe the government is operating with the consent of the people), and that the Democratic Party "has essentially been hijacked by an educated, over-educated elite group who basically don't care about the people who constitute the Democratic Party."  Yes, Pat; they are called global progressives and they have waited a very long time to go for the brass ring.  This…
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Obama? Americans Are So Past Fear!

I suppose Barry feels comfortable saying this because he really does think that we are all sheep that can be herded.  That was so 2007, Barry.  This is 2009, we are awake, and we are so very, very angry with you, your cronies, and your democratic controlled congress. Obama to GOP: 'Stop trying to frighten the American people' EXCUSE ME?  The only thing scaring us about the Republicans is their spineless 'go-along to get-along' with you!  When are the Republicans going to just walk off the floor, and say, "Enough is Enough!"?  We know that you are just going to…
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