Glenn Beck, 5.18.2010: Progressives Take Over Churches To Advance Social Justice

This is one of those Beck programs that all Americans should watch in it’s entirety due to the amount and type of information which is crucial in the ongoing war against the globalists.  Glenn interviews Peter Lillback, author of ‘Sacred Fire’, and Jerry Falwell, Jr., Chancellor of Liberty University about the true meaning of social justice now being touted from the pulpit.

This vid is Glenn’s show in it’s entirety; just let it run.

The Progressives have just taken a page from the Catholic Church for converting Pagans to Christianity in Europe.

Stark – Efforts to Christianize Europe, 400–2000

(Pages 10-11 of this Scribd Doc)

This illustrates the principle of cultural continuity, which I developed to help explain variations in the success of new religious movements; that they are most likely to succeed to the extend that they retain familiar elements of the religious culture of the group being missionized (Stark, 1987, 1996b; Stark & Finke, 2000). In effect, the more familiar a new religion, the less ‘costly’ it is for people to adopt it–the less they must learn and the less they must discard. By thinly overlaying pagan festivals and sacred places with Christian interpretations, the missionaries made it easy to become a Christian–so easy that actual conversion seldom occurred. Instead, in customary pagan fashion, the people treated Christianity as an ‘add-on religion’ and the popular Christianity that eventually emerged in northwestern Europe was a strange amalgam, including a great deal in the way of pagan celebrations and beliefs, some of them thinly Christianized, but many of them not Christianized at all (Davies, 1996; Jolly 1996; Milis, 1998).

Stark – Efforts to Christianize Europe, 400–2000

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