Nuclear Option

Obama On Reconciliation, Hypocrite OR Gumby In Disguise?

This would be an AYFKM? Award recipient situation if we did not already know that the pResident is actually Gumby in disguise. Barack Hussein Obama was against using reconciliation before he decided to use it to pass Obamacare. We are not going to pass universal healthcare with a 50 plus 1 strategy. To be fair, this isn't universal healthcare, technically, but it is the starter home. Another video of Obama and the democrats on the nuclear option.
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Here Comes “Reconciliation” On Healthcare

YOU KNEW Nancy's crew wouldn't be able to stop their march toward control of us and our descendants using health care.  These are Progressives, and now Sen. Conrad (D-ND) is pushing the idea of reconciliation. Conrad opens door to reconciliation for healthcare The Senate Budget Committee Chairman said Wednesday he’s willing to use special rules to force a final healthcare bill through with a simple majority vote. Sen. Kent Conrad (D-N.D.) made clear his openness to applying budget reconciliation to healthcare, a position he opposed prior to this week’s special election in Massachusetts, is contingent on the content of the…
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