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Baucus Bill: Taxed Coming Or Going Or Both? (UPDATED)

The Titanic Of All Debt Clocks Michael Cannon of the Cato Institute has stepped up and is explaining the taxation that is coming down the line in the form of the Baucus Bill: Still curious about the truth? Despite New Deficit-Cutting Claim, Baucus Bill Is Just Tax-and-Spend Let's start with the price tag. According to the report just released by the Congressional Budget Office, the bill will cost roughly $829 billion over the next 10 years. And, significantly, it is even projected to reduce the budget deficit over 10 years by $81 billion. Of course, both those numbers are misleading.…
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Today’s AYFKM? Award Goes To Leslie Marshall

Today's AYFKM? Award goes to Leslie Marshall for having her head so far up Bambi's ass that she no longer can think straight or have a rational and reasonable conversation.  Anyone want to give The Monster permission to verbally bitchslap this wench back into American History class for thinking that the Tea Party participants are whining, and that there is no message behind THOUSANDS protesting our LIFE EARNINGS being siphoned away by the Government, The Fed, The Treasury and the World Central Banks, not to mention our civil liberties and Constitutional Rights! Oops - too frakkin' late! Leslie? "Big Government":…
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“Democrats Gone Wild”; HR1664 and HR1444

Representative Alan Grayson is OUT OF HIS MIND just like the rest of the non-representative representatives who need to just go home because their services are NO LONGER REQUIRED when they put this kind of fascist manure out on display.  Limiting the pay of any private sector employee is so far beyond the pale that I KNOW the Founding Fathers are just itching for a chance to bitch-slap idiots like Alan Grayson right into their next lives.  Anbody want to play "Slippery Slope"?  THIS is exactly the reason why government and private sector business are not supposed to mix!  Those…
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