A Dummies’ Primer On The Debt Deal, Credit Downgrade, Market Selloff, And Gold

Wakey, Wakey, America.  Judge Napolitano gave a very easy to understand explanation today of the trick the ‘big government‘ party just played on the American public with the debt deal and why events such as the credit downgrade and market fluctuations are occurring.  This information is intended for those newly awakened Americans who are just starting to realize that our debt is unsustainable and need to understand why.  Regular Monster readers can feel free to send this viral, and please make sure to let them know that our debt is our greatest national security threat.

I have transcribed the entire 4:36 minutes for those that want to send the hard copy viral instead of just the video.  Yes, it’s that good.  (H/T Patriots Network.)

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Glenn Beck, 6.7.2011: Weiner Or The Economy? (Plus Obama’s SSNs)

I felt that this particular show was important because Glenn covers the dog-and-pony show (or as he describes – cakes and circuses) that the media has us watching instead of paying attention to what is really important. Monster readers already are so far ahead of the curve, we just be waitin’ for everybody else to catch up, and prepping while we wait…

On a completely different but related note, I am calling Glenn out as a total hypocrite for pointing out just how much of a national security risk Anthony Weiner was due to possible blackmail, and then not uttering a single syllable when it comes to Barack Obama/Barry Soetoro/Harrison J. Bounel(?) being an un-Constitutional resident of the White House and having a Social Security number originally issued to a dead Connecticut resident (among other sketchy items). What’s up with that Glenn?  What about the other seven SSNs that the PI found?  Didn’t you know that Barry’s very first executive order was to seal all his records from requests from previous and future presidents?  What is he hiding?  How dare you use the national security argument in regards to a congressman and not tell your viewers about the ‘rest of the un-Constitutional pResident story’.

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The Dollar Collapse; Another Factor To Consider

A reader sent me an article this morning which I thought would be a useful piece for my readers to incorporate into the puzzle.  It was written by Jeff Nyquist of the Strategic Crisis Center which is a non-profit that he founded to help educate Americans on national security issues; mainly Russia and China. As you watch the video, keep in the mind that Russia and China recently reached an agreement to trade each others currencies without converting to the US dollar as the middle man.  I ask my readers to watch the video and read the article in their entirety.

From Financial Sense:

Those Who Know Will Understand

Submitted by JR Nyquist on Fri, 17 Sep 2010

According to some experts the U.S. economy is one “event” away from a catastrophic sequence. My own variation on this sequence goes something like this: first, the dollar collapses; second, the government’s response prevents any chance for recovery; third, political unrest and destabilization begins; last, the defensive function of the state fails as external and internal enemies take advantage of the country’s weakness. This sequence would likely be nonsense if it were only my sequence. Unfortunately, it is a sequence dreamt up by Soviet strategists as far back as the 1960s. It was the entire basis of the Soviet strategic blueprint of half a century ago. The writings of at least two Soviet Bloc defectors suggest that this same blueprint dictated the controlled “collapse” of Communism in Eastern Europe from 1989-91. This would differ from the uncontrolled collapse of capitalism that Soviet strategists also anticipated.

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The Patriot Movement Is A Violent Threat To National Security

I’ve taken a lot of heat from the right when I start bashing the Patriot Act for being the single most dangerous Act to be passed by the cowardly congress when it comes to the inherent infringement on privacy, liberty, and the amount of control the government now has over everything you do.   Every time … Read more The Patriot Movement Is A Violent Threat To National Security

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