Tom Delay “Sickened” By Healthcare Vote (VIDEO)

Join the club Tom, as Americans across the country are weeping and puking over the ‘fundamental transformation’ of our country by a group of fascists.

Tom Delay gave Geraldo an earful last evening about the dems’ disrespect for the Constitution knowing no bounds.

A few favorite quotes because he is absolutely on the mark, and has Nancy’s number.  If you chose not to watch Nazi Nancy so as to keep your food down, it was some unbelievably arrogant prattle about how the dems are following the values and vision of the founders.  Yes, I have a bucket next to my desk, and I continue to urge my readers to watch and remember…

The speech by Speaker Pelosi is why Congress is held in the worst disregard in the history of the House of Representatives.  Not only did they not listen to the American people, they shredded and trashed the Constitution, and then stood there on the floor of the House and lied to the American people.

…You Saw the Constitution Burned By the Dems in the House of Representatives Tonight.

Yes Nancy, This Is VERY Personal (Pelosi’s Floor Speech On Obamacare)

I am so freaking p*ssed that my hair is ON FIRE!!!!  Not only has Nancy and Dems gone against the wishes of the American public, but they have made the situation even worse for us poor shmucks in Hawaii.

I do not require my loyal readers to watch the entirety of Skeletor’s speech, either with or without their puke bucket as there are so many unbelievable statements that even the Founding Fathers are cringing.

I would like to point out to Idiot Child Nancy that you cannot come to the floor of the House or anywhere else with “great humility and great pride” simultaneously.

I would also like to state that when Nancy Pelosi says this bill is personal, she does actually have one thing correct as this has become even MORE personal to the Monster’s household.

I would like to thank Nancy and Mazie for the Hirono Amendment.  When Nancy uses the word “opportunity” to describe this bill, she is lying.  Tomorrow, I and my spousal unit will still be unemployed with no cobra, no health insurance, and no insurance for our child because of Mazie Hirono and Nancy Pelosi.  In the State of Hawaii, if you wish to have health insurance, you either pay through the nose for Kaiser (the only choice) or you pay through the nose through your employer’s health plan.  There are no other options. And for those that do not understand, the choice here would be between health insurance for the family or a home to live in each and every month.

This taxpaying resident of the State of Hawaii would like to thank the Democrats and Mazie Hirono especially for our continued slavery to the insurance companies and our employers (those that have one).

Part 2:

America Bears Witness

America Bears Witness

— that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion — that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain — that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth. –    Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg Address, 11.19.1863

Liberty is a dream that is constantly being realized.

Weep America for the vision and dream of liberty that is about to be lost.

We are on the eve of the most historic event in our country, and beyond any doubt, the most important of our lifetimes.  Most are so focused on the tree that they are missing the forest.  Many would think that the event of which I write is the socializing of medicine by the progressive left.  They would be wrong.  The passage of Pelosicare is only the vehicle of the true nature of the historic event.

The progressive left’s Holy Grail has arrived, and as a footnote in history, we bear witness to the form of government that has sustained us for well over two centuries as…it…perishes...

The turning point has arrived.

We bear witness as that same government becomes of the aristocracy, by the aristocracy, and for the aristocracy.

Barring divine intervention, Barack Hussein Obama and his liberal, pirate posse are about to violate the Constitution by passing a health care reform bill because they want to, all the while ignoring a lengthy and clear declaration “…of the people, by the people, and for the people.”.  Did not thousands of Americans show up repeatedly on the Capitol Steps to let their representatives know how they felt?

Democratic congressmen lead by the traitor, Nancy Pelosi, are about to reduce the stature of each and every American to that of a serf dependent on a lord or lady for the daily direction of their lives.  We have been, for over a year now, informing our representatives, in every form of non-violent communication possible, of our wishes and they have continued to vote against the republic.

How does it feel, as an American citizen, to be totally and completely irrelevant?  How does it feel to not have ever been the reason that the Congress and Obama are forcing their version of health care reform on Americans?   Has it yet been realized that the entire push for health care reform, this health care reform at any cost, was about congressional officials’ names in history books as achieving the long sought cornerstone of the progressive movement?  The aristocratic, dictatorial precedent is just the icing on the cake for the traitors in ‘our house’.

Have you yet realized that the people in the seat of power are no more leaders than the average joe/jane paying for Congress’ lifetime health care and retirement packages?  Yet, elected officials are granted aristocratic privileges that we shall not see unless we decide to join them in their malfeasance, developing greedy egos, and then selling our souls to feed the very reason for traitorous actions.  Is Nancy Pelosi or Barack Obama’s intelligence level greater than yours or mine because they just happen to be twisting arms and bribing votes?  Where is the statesmanship, leadership, or honor in these continuing ‘let them eat cake’ moments?

How can Nancy Pelosi be allowed to say, “we must pass the bill to find out what is in it.” without so much as a “you are done!” and calls for her resignation and/or impeachment?  What kind of insanity allows the third person in line for the American presidency to utter such unbelievable nonsense without so much as a disciplinary invoking mutter from another elected official?

The election of Barack Obama happened because it could, even though it should not have.  Our country is now lead by the wrong man at the wrong time with the wrong agenda pushing the wrong reform just for the historical gratification.   This lust for power and prestige can be likened to another insecure, egomaniac that rose to power in Germany in the 1930’s.  We all remember how tragic Hitler’s path was, and how it was ended by American bravery and devotion to the dream of liberty and justice.   There is no longer a ‘leader of the free world’ now to stop the forces of evil as a great percentage of our own government has become the very evil we have long fought against.  This illusion of a presidency will damage the nation for years, and take decades to unravel the mess the progressives have wrought.

Democrats’ insane sprint for historical relevance at the price of the American dream should be the reason that we, as Americans, are finally driven to change the current course of this nation and of the elected officials that vote for this bill.  The American people that they so proudly and loudly trot out as a prop for their push for socializing medicine have never even crossed the minds of these glory seekers.  That very same greed for fame will now be the downfall of the republic if we do not communicate to them in a way they understand that the era of the American Aristocracy is over.

I will watch tomorrow as democrats pass Pelosi’s mocking of the Constitution and all things truly American.  I will watch as they cheer and shout wildly like the traitorous, raving lunatics that they are.

Congress passed TARP, seizure of two car companies masked as bailouts, the stimulus bill, Cap and Tax, etc.  We are bearing witness to the granddaddy of “Let Them Eat Cake” moments.  Watch this historic turning point in our country as the worst is yet to come.  There can be no light without the darkness.  The storm is upon us now, but the sky will clear and the dawning of an American Renaissance will emerge.

More Facts About Obamacare (3.18.2010)

For your perusal from Republican.Senate.Gov.

New Health Bill: Even More Tax Increases

More Than $560 Billion In Taxes On Medicare Patients, Private Health Insurance Plans, Medical Device Manufacturers, Small Businesses, And Much More…

“Yes, We’ve Had To Raise Some Taxes And Fees To Pay For This Bill.” (CSPAN’s Washington Journal, 12/22/09)


“Medicare Hospital Insurance Tax … 210.2 [Billion Dollars].” JCT: “Broaden Medicare Hospital Insurance Tax Base for High-Income Taxpayers – additional surtax of 0.9% on earned income in excess of $200,000/$250,000 (unindexed) [1], and 3.8% surtax on investment income for taxpayers with AGI in excess of $200,000/$250,000 (unindexed)… 2010-2019… 210.2 [Billion Dollars].” (“Estimated Revenue Effects Of The Amendment In The Nature Of A Substitute To H.R. 4872, The “Reconciliation Act Of 2010,” In Combination With The Revenue Effects Of H.R. 3590, The “Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act (‘PPACA’),” As Passed By The Senate,” Joint Committee On Taxation, P.2, 3/18/10)

“Penalty Payments By Employers… 2010-2019… -52 [Billion Dollars].” (CBO Director Doug Elmendorf, Letter To Rep. Nancy Pelosi, 3/18/10, P.8)

Tax On Private Health Insurance Plans: “32.0 [Billion Dollars].” JCT: “I. Revenue Provisions 1. 40% excise tax on health coverage in excess of $10,200/$27,500 (subject to adjustment for unexpected increase in medical costs prior to effective date) and increased thresholds of $1,650/$3,450 for over age 55 retirees or certain high-risk professions, both indexed for inflation by CPI-U plus 1%; adjustment based on age and gender profile of employees; vision and dental excluded from excise tax; levied at insurer level; employer aggregates and issues information return for insurers indicating amount subject to the excise tax; nondeductible… 2010-2019… 32.0 [Billion Dollars].” (“Estimated Revenue Effects Of The Amendment In The Nature Of A Substitute To H.R. 4872, The “Reconciliation Act Of 2010,” In Combination With The Revenue Effects Of H.R. 3590, The “Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act (‘PPACA’),” As Passed By The Senate,” Joint Committee On Taxation, P.1, 3/18/10)

“Penalty Payments By Uninsured Individuals… 2010-2019… -17 [Billion Dollars].” (CBO Director Doug Elmendorf, Letter To Rep. Nancy Pelosi, 3/18/10, P.8)

“Excise Tax On Manufacturers And Importers Of Certain Medical Devices… 20.0 [Billion Dollars].” JCT: “Impose 2.9% excise tax on manufacturers and importers of certain medical devices… 2010-2019… 20.0 [Billion Dollars].” (“Estimated Revenue Effects Of The Amendment In The Nature Of A Substitute To H.R. 4872, The “Reconciliation Act Of 2010,” In Combination With The Revenue Effects Of H.R. 3590, The “Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act (‘PPACA’),” As Passed By The Senate,” Joint Committee On Taxation, P.2, 3/18/10)


New Health Bill: Even More Medicare Cuts

More Than $520 Billion Cut From Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Hospice, Home Health Programs, Medicare Advantage, And Much More…

“Ensuring Medicare Sustainability… -156.6 [Billion Dollars].” “TITLE III—Improving The Quality And Efficiency Of Health Care; Subtitle E—Ensuring Medicare Sustainability; 3401 Revision Of Certain Market Basket Updates And Incorporation Of Services Productivity Improvements Into Market Basket Updates That Do Not Already Incorporate Such Improvements (Effect Of Productivity Adjustment For Home Health Included In Estimate For Section 3131)… 2010-2019… -156.6 [Billion Dollars].” (CBO Director Doug Elmendorf, Letter To Rep. Nancy Pelosi, 3/18/10, P.14)

“Medicare Advantage Payments… -131.9 [Billion Dollars].” “TITLE III—Improving The Quality And Efficiency Of Health Care; Subtitle C—Provisions Relating to Part C; Medicare Advantage Payments… 2010-2019… -131.9 [Billion Dollars].” (CBO Director Doug Elmendorf, Letter To Rep. Pelosi, 3/18/10, P. 13)

“Medicare Advantage Interactions… -70.4 [Billion Dollars].” “Interactions; Medicare Advantage Interactions… 2010-2019… -70.4 [Billion Dollars].” (CBO Director Doug Elmendorf, Letter To Rep. Pelosi, 3/18/10, P. 18)

“Home Health Care… -39.7 [Billion Dollars].”
“TITLE III—Improving The Quality And Efficiency Of Health Care; Subtitle B—Improving Medicare For Patients And Providers; Part III – Improving Payment Accuracy; 3131 Payment Adjustments For Home Health Care (Includes Effect Of Section 3401)… 2010-2019… -39.7 [Billion Dollars].” (CBO Director Doug Elmendorf, Letter To Rep. Nancy Pelosi, 3/18/10, P.13)

“Medicare Disproportionate Share Hospital (DSH) Payments… -22.1 [Billion Dollars].” “TITLE III—Improving The Quality And Efficiency Of Health Care; Subtitle B—Improving Medicare For Patients And Providers; Part III—Improving Payment Accuracy; 3133 Medicare Disproportionate Share Hospital (DSH) Payments… 2010-2019… -22.1 [Billion Dollars].” (CBO Director Doug Elmendorf, Letter To Rep. Nancy Pelosi, 3/18/10, P.13)

•    “Reducing Medicaid and Medicare payments to hospitals that serve a large number of low-income patients, known as disproportionate share (DSH) hospitals…” (CBO Director Doug Elmendorf, Letter To Sen. Harry Reid, 11/18/09, P. 10)

New Health Bill: Old Deals Out, New Deals In

DAVID AXELROD: “The President Does Believe That State-Only Carve-Outs Should Not Be In The Bill.” (“White House Seems to Have New Policy On ‘Special Deals’ in Health Care Reform Bill,” ABC News, 3/15/10)


“The Health Care Budget Reconciliation Bill Appears To Have A Special Carve-Out For One Of Its Most Ardent Critics — Senate Budget Chairman Kent Conrad (D-N.D.).  Though The Measure Would Broadly Eliminate Government Subsidies To Banks That Offer Student Loans, The Bank Of North Dakota Will Continue To Receive Federal Assistance For Its Student Loan Program.”
(“Conrad Appears To Get Special Carve-Out In Reconciliation Bill,” Roll Call, 3/18/10)


Full Medicaid Disproportionate Share Payment (DSH) For Tennessee. “EXTENSION OF DSH ALLOTMENT.—Section 1923(f)(6)(A) of the Social Security Act (42 U.S.C. 1396r-4(f)(6)(A)) is amended by adding at the end the following: ‘‘(v) ALLOTMENT FOR 2D, 3RD, AND 4TH QUARTERS OF FISCAL YEAR 2012 AND FOR FISCAL YEAR 2013.—Notwithstanding the table set forth in paragraph (2): ‘‘(I) 2D, 3RD, AND 4TH QUARTERS OF FISCAL YEAR 2012.—In the case of a State that has a DSH allotment of $0 for the 2d, 3rd, and 4th quarters of fiscal year 2012, the DSH allotment shall be $47,200,000 for such quarters. ‘‘(II) FISCAL YEAR 2013.—In the case of a State that has a DSH allotment of $0 for fiscal year 2013, the DSH allotment shall be $53,100,000 for such fiscal year.’’” (“Amendment In The Nature Of A Substitute To H.R. 4872,” 3/18/2010, P. 67)

“Obama’s New Health Care Proposal Keeps Louisiana Medicaid Provision.”
(“Obama’s New Health Care Proposal Keeps Louisiana Medicaid Provision,” New Orleans Times-Picayune, 2/22/10)

“Obama’s Plan Is Silent On Two Other High-Profile Legislative Deals In The Senate Bill. The First Provision Sends $300 Million In Additional Medicaid Funding To Louisiana And Was Widely Viewed As A Sweetener To Win Moderate Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu’s Vote Last Fall.” (“Deals Remain In Obama’s Plan,” Politico, 2/22/10)

“…There Are Controversial Special Provisions Of The Senate Health Reform Bill That President Obama Leaves Untouched. First Up, The ‘Louisiana Purchase.’ … [Sen. Mary] Landrieu Said In A Speech On The Senate Floor Feb. 4th That Critics Should ‘Shut Their Mouth.’” (“White House Cuts Special Help For Nebraska, But Other Deals Remain In Reform Bill,” ABC News, 2/22/10)

•    “And Reid Already Has Established A Dangerous Precedent, By Dangling $300 Million In Medicaid Funding For Louisiana To Win Landrieu’s Support For Bringing The Bill To The Senate Floor. Months Earlier, Reid Had Carved Out His Own Medicaid Exemption For Nevada. One addition he made to the Senate bill, an increase in the Medicare payroll tax for high earners, has raised concerns with Sen. Olympia J. Snowe (Maine). Snowe, the only Republican who has been at least somewhat supportive of Democratic reform efforts, cited its potential to harm small businesses.” (“Reid’s Recipe For Getting Health-Care Deal Done,” The Washington Post, 12/4/09)

“There Is Also Not Specific Mention In The President’s List Of Fix-It, Of A Special Proposal Aimed At A Connecticut Research Hospital, But Open To Other Hospitals… So Those Provisions Apparently Still Remain.” (“White House Cuts Special Help For Nebraska, But Other Deals Remain In Reform Bill,” ABC News, 2/22/10)

•    $100,000,000 For “Health Care Facility” “At A Public Research University In The United States That Contains A State’s Sole Public Academic Medical And Dental School.” “(a) APPROPRIATION.—There are authorized to be appropriated, and there are appropriated to the Department of Health and Human Services, $100,000,000 for fiscal year 2010, to remain available for obligation until September 30, 2011, to be used for debt service on, or direct construction or renovation of, a health care facility that provides research, inpatient tertiary care, or outpatient clinical services. Such facility shall be affiliated with an academic health center at a public research university in the United States that contains a State’s sole public academic medical and dental school.” (Manager’s Amendment To H.R. 3590, Pg. 328)

“The Secretary Shall Establish A Pilot Program In Accordance With This Subsection To Provide Innovative Approaches To Furnishing Comprehensive, Coordinated, And Cost-Effective Care Under This Title To Individuals Described In Paragraph … [An Individual] Is An Environmental Exposure Affected Individual Described In Subsection (E)(2) Who Resides In Or Around The Geographic Area Subject To An Emergency Declaration Made As Of June 17, 2009.” ‘‘(A) PRIMARY PILOT PROGRAM.—The Secretary shall establish a pilot program in accordance with this subsection to provide innovative approaches to furnishing comprehensive, coordinated, and cost-effective care under this title to individuals described in paragraph (2)(A). … ‘‘(2) INDIVIDUAL DESCRIBED.—For purposes of paragraph (1), an individual described in this paragraph is an individual who enrolls in part B, submits to the Secretary an application to participate in the applicable pilot program under this subsection, and— ‘‘(A) is an environmental exposure affected individual described in subsection (e)(2) who resides in or around the geographic area subject to an emergency declaration made as of June 17, 2009.” (Manager’s Amendment To H.R. 3590, Pg. 195-196)

•    “On June 17, 2009, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson Issued A Public Health Emergency (PHE) Finding At The Libby Asbestos Superfund Site In Northwest Montana. Over The Past Several Years, Hundreds Of Cases Of Asbestos-Related Disease Have Been Documented In The Communities Of Libby And Nearby Troy.” (EPA Website, Accessed 12/19/09)
“Another Provision The President Has Asked Reid To Consider Removing Was Promoted By Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont.) On Behalf Of Residents Of Libby, Mont.” (“Obama Presses Reid To Cut Special Deals From Health Bill,” Politico, 3/11/10)

Obamacare: Time To Slay The Dragon

Obamacare: Time To Slay The Dragon

We all knew that any healthcare proposals put forward in the District of Criminals were just the beginning of the shakedown.  Always get tape…

Pelosi: ‘Once we kick through this door,’ more reform will follow

If you have any doubt that the Democratic leadership of the House views passing the current health care reform bill as the beginning, not the end, of the process of creating a national government health care system, just note what Speaker Nancy Pelosi told a group of bloggers on Monday. “My biggest fight has been between those who wanted to do something incremental and those who wanted to do something comprehensive,” Pelosi said, according to an account by Washington Post reform advocate Ezra Klein. “We won that fight, and once we kick through this door, there’ll be more legislation to follow.”

But since the current bill is unpopular, and Pelosi at the moment does not have enough Democratic, much less Republican, votes to pass it, the door she will be kicking through is the back door. Pelosi told the bloggers she favors using the “self-executing rule” strategy in which the House would pass the Senate health care bill without going on the record as specifically voting for it. “I like it,” Pelosi said of the scheme, “because people don’t have to vote on the Senate bill.” The strategy of passing the Senate bill while avoiding a direct vote, writes Klein, “is all about plausible deniability for House members who don’t want to vote for the Senate bill.”

In a particularly Alice-in-Wonderland moment, Pelosi argued that the debate over health care reform can begin after the bill is passed. “Pelosi said passing the bill would allow Dems to undertake a ‘debate’ with Republicans over ‘what is the balanced role that government should have,'” writes another pro-reform blogger at the Post, Greg Sargent. According to Sargent, Pelosi explained, “We have to take it to the American people, to say, this is the choice that you have. This is the vision that they have for your health and well being, and this is the vision that we have.” Again, in Pelosi’s scenario, that debate would occur after the bill is passed.

Finally, Pelosi downplayed statements from her own team that she does not yet have the votes to pass the national health care measure. On “Meet the Press” Sunday, Democratic Whip Rep. James Clyburn said, “No, we don’t have them as of this morning.” Meeting with the bloggers, Pelosi said, “The reason [Clyburn] said that is we don’t have a bill yet.” In the end, the Speaker declared, “I have no intention of not passing this bill.”

Beltway Confidential

Today’s Idiot In Charge Award: Nancy Pelosi (Again!)

Today’s Idiot In Charge Award: Nancy Pelosi (Again!)

Stupid is as stupid does, and after watching this administration in daily meltdown, I am truly thinking about changing the category “The Daily Crime” to “The Daily Stupid”.

I actually read this press release from the Speaker’s Office earlier in the day, and just knew footage would show up on YouTube at some point. This gaffe machine (third only to Biden and Bahana himself) is a national embarrassment and needs to go back to San Fran permanently. One can hope…

In the meantime, enjoy a large segment of Pelosi Prattle from her remarks today.  I did not realize that she could shovel with so straight a face.

Pelosi Remarks at the 2010 Legislative Conference for National Association of Counties

“As you are in Washington this week, we stand at the doorstep of history, ready to realize a centuries old dream, started by a Republican President, Teddy Roosevelt. He was the one who started this country thinking in this direction, and we are deeply in his dept. But, we are a hundred years late. A century old dream of health care for all, and we will be prepared to send the bill to President Obama’s desk that ensures affordability for the middle class, accountability for the insurance companies, and access for millions more Americans, tens of millions more.

“Nobody knows better than you the strain on hospitals that never turned a patient away, and health care providers grappling with the challenges of the uninsured and shrinking reimbursement. You know as well as anyone, that our current system is unsustainable. It’s unsustainable to individuals and their families. It’s unsustainable for small businesses. It’s unsustainable for your communities. It’s unsustainable for our state, local, and national budgets.

“President Obama said, one year ago, when he called the first bipartisan, on March 5th of last year, the first bipartisan House and Senate meeting together with many outside stakeholders together at the White House, to find a way for us to come together. And at that time, he said: ‘Health care reform is entitlement reform.’ We cannot sustain the upward spiral of the increases in health care and what that means in Medicare and what it means in Medicaid. So from the standpoint of our national budget, and for your budgets, the current system, as I said, is unsustainable.

“Again, it’s unaffordable for families, individuals and families, for businesses of any size, and it is a cost to our economy. Imagine an economy where people could follow their aspirations, where they could be entrepreneurial, where they could take risks professionally because personally their families health care needs are being met. Where they could be self-employed or start a business, not be job-locked in a job because they have health care there, and if they went out on their own it would be unaffordable to them, but especially true, if someone has a child with a pre-existing condition. So when we pass our bill, never again will people be denied coverage because they have a pre-existing condition.

“We have to do this in partnership, and I wanted to bring up to date on where we see it from here. The final health care legislation that will soon be passed by Congress will deliver successful reform at the local level. It will offer paid for investments that will improve health care services and coverage for millions more Americans. It will make significant investments in innovation, prevention, wellness and offer robust support for public health infrastructure. It will dramatically expand investments into community health centers. That means a dramatic expansion in the number of patients community health centers can see and ultimately healthier communities. Our bill will significantly reduce uncompensated care for hospitals.

“You’ve heard about the controversies within the bill, the process about the bill, one or the other. But I don’t know if you have heard that it is legislation for the future, not just about health care for America, but about a healthier America, where preventive care is not something that you have to pay a deductible for or out of pocket. Prevention, prevention, prevention—it’s about diet, not diabetes. It’s going to be very, very exciting.

“But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy. Furthermore, we believe that health care reform, again I said at the beginning of my remarks, that we sent the three pillars that the President’s economic stabilization and job creation initiatives were education and innovation—innovation begins in the classroom—clean energy and climate, addressing the climate issues in an innovative way to keep us number one and competitive in the world with the new technology, and the third, first among equals I may say, is health care, health insurance reform. Health insurance reform is about jobs. This legislation alone will create 4 million jobs, about 400,000 jobs very soon. (Oh Really?)

“We must have the courage, though, to get the job done. We have the ideas. We have the commitment. We have the dedication. We know the urgency. Now we have to have the courage to get the job done. So proud that President Obama is taking the message so forcefully to the American people! This is long overdue, a hundred years.

I thought this stupid ________ worked for us?  Rats, I forgot again – we are the new indentured servants to the greater collective good.

Will Nancy Pelosi Please Report To The Principal’s Office?

Will Nancy Pelosi Please Report To The Principal’s Office?

For the LOVE OF GOD, can someone shut this woman up?  I know she is digging an even deeper hole for herself each and every day, but frakkin’ dobermans on skateboards; Nancy STFU!  I am so tired of listening to you; a trait that you and your cohorts do not share.

I have been saying for months that this bill will never be dead, that Congress is IGNORING US, and that we can only be assured that this form of healthcare rape does not pass if we can hold on long enough to fire the entire Congress in upcoming elections.  Where have I been wrong?

Pelosi: GOP has had its day; confident Dems can pull together on health bill

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Sunday that Republicans have left their mark on the healthcare bill and should accept that the bill will go forward.

“They’ve had plenty of opportunity to make their voices heard,” she said on CNN’s “State of the Union” Sunday morning. “Bipartisanship is a two-way street. A bill can be bipartisan without bipartisan votes. Republicans have left their imprint.”

Splitting hairs much?

The public option, for example, has been stripped from the bill because Republicans were so adamantly against it, she said.

“They’ve had a field day going out and misrepresenting what the bill says,” Pelosi said. “But that’s what they do.”

That statement would only apply if millions of Americans hadn’t already read the bill and told those same lawmakers what was in it’s 2700 pages.

On ABC’s “This Week,” just a few days after the bipartisan healthcare summit, Pelosi said, “What’s the point of talking about it any longer?”

BUT IT GETS BETTER!!!  The progressives are salivating and chomping at the bit being this close to passing the biggest expansion of government – evah!  Nancy, Harry, and Bambi are not going to give up; even it means throwing dems right under that very special Obama bus.  Does anyone want to let Nancy know that we plan on firing the majority of them for the BS and attitude they pulled this past year?  Oh that’s right, she isn’t paying attention to us…

Pelosi: Lawmakers Should Sacrifice Jobs for Health Care

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi urged her colleagues to back a major overhaul of U.S. health care even if it threatens their political careers, a call to arms that underscores the issue’s massive role in this election year.

Lawmakers sometimes must enact policies that, even if unpopular at the moment, will help the public, Pelosi said in an interview being broadcast Sunday the ABC News program “This Week.”
“We’re not here just to self-perpetuate our service in Congress,” she said. “We’re here to do the job for the American people.”

It took courage for Congress to pass Social Security and Medicare, which eventually became highly popular, she said, “and many of the same forces that were at work decades ago are at work again against this bill.”

Social Security and Medicare will be the deathknell of this country with their unfunded liabilities.  Nazi Nancy wants to completely tank the country with healthcare.

The White House says Obama, perhaps on Wednesday, will announce a “way forward” on health care. He, Pelosi, and Senate Democratic leaders have left little doubt that they hope to pass a Democratic-crafted bill under “budget reconciliation” rules that would bar Republican filibusters in the Senate. It’s unclear whether Pelosi can muster the needed votes in the House.

White House officials say they will redouble efforts to remind voters that the Senate passed an Obama-backed health care bill in December, with a super majority of 60 votes. The new plan calls for the House to pass that bill and send it to Obama’s desk, and then use Senate budget reconciliation rules to make several changes demanded by House Democrats.

The White House is going to remind us of how much we opposed the ramming of this bill through the Senate on Christmas Eve?  Oh, BRING IT ON!!!

As for the fascist leader of the house, will Nancy report to the principal’s office for a decidedly robust round of discipline considering she still is not listening?

(P.S.  I am well aware of what most of us wish for Nancy, but let’s keep it civil in comments.  I don’t need anymore attention than I already have.)

I had to add this video just in case Nancy does a fly-by:

AYFKM? Most Ethical Congress Evah?!

AYFKM? Most Ethical Congress Evah?!

Are You Liking The New Direction?

I am no longer shocked by the shinola that comes out of Nancy’s mouth, but this does fall under the Are You Freakin’ Kidding Me? Award category.  I think Nancy and Bambi are neck in neck for the amount of AYFKM? awards.

It may well be possible that she is making this statement right now because much of what has happened over the last year has been behind closed and locked doors.  What does she know that we don’t?  Don’t answer that; I just ate.

Pelosi Says She’s Running ‘Most Ethical’ Congress Ever, But Won’t Ask Rangel to Resign Chairmanship—For Now

( – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) insisted on Friday that she is running the most ethical and honest Congress in history. At the same time, however, she indicated she will not ask House Ways and Means Chairman Charles Rangel (D.-N.Y.) to resign his chairmanship—at least for now.

Rangel was admonished this week by the ethics committee for taking corporate-funded trips to the Caribbean.

Pelosi noted that the ethics committee is looking into other issues involving Rangel, and made it clear that she was interested in seeing the outcome of these investigations soon.

The committee, for example, is looking at Rangel’s failure to disclose hundreds of thousands of dollars in assets that should have been listed on his congressional financial disclosure reports.

“Obviously, they have other issues to deal with,” Pelosi said at her Friday press briefing. “But I thank them for taking this action. I hope that they will have other action soon. But they did not take action against him. They just said he did not willfully break the rules. But we’ll just see what happens next, what comes out of the committee next.”

When a reporter prefaced a question about Rangel by noting that Pelosi had promised to run the “most ethical and honest Congress in history” she interrupted him to say: “And we are.”

If you really need to see the tape of Nancy running her mouth about Charlie, hit the link.  Yeah, thought so.

White House Healthcare Summit Wrap-Up

With the exception of Paul Ryan (R-WI), the only people missing at this table were the American People. Interesting theatre, but do we believe any of what they are selling?

Obama on reconciliation – watch as he chooses his words very carefully in regards to the American people.

Durbin on medical malpractice:

Joe Biden:

John Boehner:

John McCain:

Paul Ryan:

(I’m still looking for Charlie Rangel’s footage – priceless.)

The Monster found entire video for those that haven’t seen the dogs and ponies:

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