Rockefeller Itches To Shut Down Fox And MSNBC

Aristocrat Jay Rockefeller is feeling the itch to have the FCC shut down Fox and MSNBC because they are hindering political discourse and trust in government.  Ah, I see...this coming from the very same elitist snob that said, 'would it have been better if we had never invented the internet?' in regards to cyber attacks, and wishes to turn over the internet to the Executive Branch. There are no words for a 'public servant' that would utter such nonsense in front of God and man in a country based on freedom of speech. Given his thinking, we should probably only…
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AYFKM? Obama’s Biggest Cheerleader Still At It

CNN may have a problem with my opinion of MSNBC being the biggest cheerleader for Obama, but when I saw a trailer for an upcoming special entitled "Obama's America: 2010 & Beyond",  I had to give the trophy to MSNBC. I bet most of you are going to have the same reaction as I did to this: Obama's America: 2010 And Beyond? AYFKM? It's pretty evident what's wrong with that title, and Chris Matthews' devotion to Obama is just plain disturbing. Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy One year after the inauguration of the…
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Where Is The Return To Civility?

This MSNBC talking head could have been receiving the Today's AYFKM? Award except that this is what we expect from the Obamamedia, AND the day is young yet.  I'm expecting something more insane than allowing half the country to die to defeat Obama to come out of the WH or Congress today. Can someone send this video to Nancy Pelosi and ask her about the return to civility she was asking for, and to tell her media lapdogs to get back in line? As for Chicago not receiving the Olympics, get over it; the pResident cannot go on an apology…
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