Mort Zuckerman

It’s All About The Ego Stupid!!!

Okay stupid moos, is there any question in your mind about why Chairman Zero turned down IBM CEO Samuel Palmisano's offer to reduce the cost of healthcare by $900 BILLION DOLLARS? Mort Zuckerman won't hazard a guess in this interview with Stuart Varney on 'Your World', but we all know why Obama turned it down. It's all about the ego stupid!!! Even us moos are smart enough to know that... Watch the latest video at Technology can slash government spending, execs say The federal government can harness technology to reduce fraud and waste and improve operational efficiencies, a council…
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Mort Zuckerman On Obama, 2.0: The Incredible Deflation Of Barack Obama

A few days ago, Mort Zuckerman skewered Obama with a piece in the Daily Beast and an interview on 'Your World'. Go here for those details. Yesterday, Mr. Zuckerman nailed Obama again in US New & World Report. The Incredible Deflation of Barack Obama The air is seeping out of the Obama balloon. He has fallen to below 50 percent in the poll approval ratings, a decline punctuated by his party's shocking loss in the Massachusetts special election. Why? Barack Obama was undoubtedly sincere in what he promised, even if his promises were within the normal range of political exaggeration.…
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Mort Zuckerman: Obama Has Done Everything Wrong (VIDEO)

You know it's bad when a liberal bazillionaire like Mort Zuckerman has turned on you. What surprised me the most was his statement of fact that the Democrats were behind the housing crisis.  I did not think I would ever hear that out of the mouth of someone who supported Obama, and someone so connected to the web (check out his bio at the bottom). What about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that got there with the support of the Democrats in congress. That's what kicked off the great housing bubble; that's what started this whole thing rolling down the…
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