Monster Medical

Readers, My family is experiencing a family medical emergency.  I do not expect to be posting for a few days.  Please send prayers, and feel free to use this post as an open thread for comments and links. Mahalo, Diamond Tiger AKA Logistics Monster

The Monster’s Computer Has Passed Over

Dear Monster Readers, My wiz of a computer tech Robert called me a few minutes ago to tell me that my computer of 5 years has finally crossed over into the ether as her motherboard is completely blown.  The stress of the election cycle and the continued march toward total government control of our lives … Read more The Monster’s Computer Has Passed Over

Message From The Monster #6?

Aloha All. The Monster is back home on the Big Island, and extremely excited about being part of such a historic groundswell that is making a difference and turning the tide against this fascist regime. My readers may have caught that I became 100% unemployed on 9.11, so this first day will be getting plugged … Read more Message From The Monster #6?

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