Get The Complete Set!

Get The Complete Set!

encyclopedia.jpgMike Morgan of is now introducing the next website in the series.  You guessed it,  Seems Mike has been getting requests for the “complete set” of banksters.  Let’s not wear him out kids, he’s still recovering.

Here’s a taste from the new site:

The Clever Accounting of JP Morgan’s Stellar Quarter

Accounting perversion gone wrong (via Money Morning) and the case of JP Morgan’s blow-out quarter (like our friends at Goldman Sachs, there is quite a bit wrong with this picture – JPM needs to brace for a second round of damage as consumer credit defaults are on the rise and commercial real estate is proving “fragile” at best):

Make sure to do a fly-by and check out the new bankster site.  I wonder who will be next considering the list is so freakin’ long!

Rolling Stone Covers Goldman Sachs? “The Great American Bubble Machine”

Matt Taibbi has part of the puzzle, but not all of the pieces.  Make sure to follow the link and watch the video Rolling Stone has of Matt Taibbi, and then go over to GoldmanSachs666.  Mike Morgan has been covering this tentacle of the Pilgrims Society, and just won his court case against Goldman Sachs over copyright infringement.  One has to cheer David on when he beats Goliath.

From Rolling Stone:

The Great American Bubble Machine

Matt Taibbi on how Goldman Sachs has engineered every major market manipulation since the Great Depression

In Rolling Stone Issue 1082-83, Matt Taibbi takes on “the Wall Street Bubble Mafia” — investment bank Goldman Sachs. The piece has generated controversy, with Goldman Sachs firing back that Taibbi’s piece is “an hysterical compilation of conspiracy theories” and a spokesman adding, “We reject the assertion that we are inflators of bubbles and profiteers in busts, and we are painfully conscious of the importance in being a force for good.” Taibbi shot back: “Goldman has its alumni pushing its views from the pulpit of the U.S. Treasury, the NYSE, the World Bank, and numerous other important posts; it also has former players fronting major TV shows. They have the ear of the president if they want it.” Here, now, are excerpts from Matt Taibbi’s piece and video of Taibbi exploring the key issues.

The first thing you need to know about Goldman Sachs is that it’s everywhere. The world’s most powerful investment bank is a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money.

Any attempt to construct a narrative around all the former Goldmanites in influential positions quickly becomes an absurd and pointless exercise, like trying to make a list of everything. What you need to know is the big picture: If America is circling the drain, Goldman Sachs has found a way to be that drain — an extremely unfortunate loophole in the system of Western democratic capitalism, which never foresaw that in a society governed passively by free markets and free elections, organized greed always defeats disorganized democracy.

They achieve this using the same playbook over and over again. The formula is relatively simple: Goldman positions itself in the middle of a speculative bubble, selling investments they know are crap. Then they hoover up vast sums from the middle and lower floors of society with the aid of a crippled and corrupt state that allows it to rewrite the rules in exchange for the relative pennies the bank throws at political patronage. Finally, when it all goes bust, leaving millions of ordinary citizens broke and starving, they begin the entire process over again, riding in to rescue us all by lending us back our own money at interest, selling themselves as men above greed, just a bunch of really smart guys keeping the wheels greased. They’ve been pulling this same stunt over and over since the 1920s — and now they’re preparing to do it again, creating what may be the biggest and most audacious bubble yet.

See Taibbi discuss Goldman Sachs’ big scam.

(Matt, if you by chance land on The Monster, drop me an email and I will help fill in the blank spots.)

Want To Know Why Obama Loves Iran? Follow The Money!

Want To Know Why Obama Loves Iran? Follow The Money!

(h/t to Atlas Shrugs – again!!!)

Wow! Look what they are doing with our hard earned taxpayer money now!

Tehran – US Banks To Set up Iran Branch

Tehran – Four American banks, including Citibank and Goldman Sachs, have applied for opening a branch in Iran, an Iranian daily has reported.

The banks made a formal request to the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) about 20 days ago to establish a branch in the country, the Jaam-e-Jam newspaper quoted an informed source as saying.

“If the CBI approves their request, these four banks will set up a temporary branch in an Iranian free trade zone,” the source told Jaam-e-Jam, without revealing the names of the other two banks.

“If they can work according to Iran’s banking law, they will be allowed to open branches in Tehran and other cities.”

The report comes as Tehran and Washington are to enter direct negotiations to resolve a standoff over Iran’s nuclear program.

Earlier this month, the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council — the US, Russia, China, France and Britain – plus Germany (P5+1) invited Iran for negotiations on the country’s uranium enrichment program.

The upcoming meeting will mark the first time the US will sit at the negotiating table with Iran without setting preconditions — such as demanding Iran give up its uranium enrichment activities.

The two Wall Street giants — Goldman Sachs and Citibank — have been hard hit by the economic recession in the US.

Goldman Sachs reported first-quarter earnings of $1.66 billion on Monday, which easily surpassed Wall Street’s estimates.

The investment bank also launched a $5 billion common stock offering in the hopes of using the proceeds to help it pay back $10 billion in government aid it received last year.

Citibank is the consumer banking arm of Citigroup, which has received $45 billion in bailout funds from the US government.

And Atlas’ response to this is classic:

If you bank at Citibank – move it out. Seriously. Do you want to fund a jihad nuke? Do you want to underwrite genocide? Do you want to fund the fourth Reich? Do you want to expedite the “12 Mahdi” insanity? Do you support publicly hanging gays, stoning women, and imprisoning bloggers – to name a few of their recent contributions to humanity?

Don’t do business with jihadis and killers. Do you have money in the market? Tell your broker NO SHARIAH FINANCE. Do it!

Want to take a gander at all of Goldman Sachs on one map?


Make sure to visit Mike Morgan’s site; GoldmanSachs666 for an interesting map that is a bit less crowded.

Remember Our Friend Goldman Sachs?

Remember Our Friend Goldman Sachs?

Oh my lovelies, you are going to enjoy this; I am sure. It’s like finding your car keys after a 15 minute search, a treasure, or a tall glass of lemonade on a really hot day. How many times have we said to ourselves and each other; “follow the money”?  What have we been doing for the last year except following the money?

I want to tip my hat to  Rescottish for emailing this information to me so that I may pass it on to you, and thank him for bringing a more indepth view of another piece of the puzzle to our attention.  Please give Mr. Morgan your time, visit his site, read the information that he has discovered, and see what nuggets of brain candy pop when put together with what we know about the Pilgrims.  Also of note is that Goldman Sachs is probably living on his site like any number of the international laws firms that live on mine; (see below, and of course this item is not from an American news agency.)

Goldman Sachs hires law firm to shut blogger’s site

Goldman Sachs is attempting to shut down a dissident blogger who is extremely critical of the investment bank, its board members and its practices.

The bank has instructed Wall Street law firm Chadbourne & Parke to pursue blogger Mike Morgan, warning him in a recent cease-and-desist letter that he may face legal action if he does not close down his website.

Florida-based Mr Morgan began a blog entitled “Facts about Goldman Sachs” – the web address for which is – just a few weeks ago.

In that time Mr Morgan, a registered investment adviser, has added a number of posts to the site, including one entitled “Does Goldman Sachs run the world?”. However, many of the posts relate to other Wall Street firms and issues.

According to Chadbourne & Parke’s letter, dated April 8, the bank is rattled because the site “violates several of Goldman Sachs’ intellectual property rights” and also “implies a relationship” with the bank itself.

Unsurprisingly for a man who has conjoined the bank’s name with the Number of the Beast – although he jokingly points out that 666 was also the S&P500’s bear-market bottom – Mr Morgan is unlikely to go down without a fight.

He claims he has followed all legal requirements to own and operate the website – and that the header of the site clearly states that the content has not been approved by the bank.

On a special section of his blog entitled “Goldman Sachs vs Mike Morgan” he predicts that the fight will probably end up in court.

“It’s just another example of how a bully like Goldman Sachs tries to throw their weight around,” he writes.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, Mr Morgan explained how he went through a similar battle with US homebuilder Lennar a few years ago after he set up a website to collect information on what he alleged was shoddy workmanship in its homes. The pair eventually settled out of court.

“Since I went through this with Lennar, I’ve had advice from some of the best intellectual property lawyers, and I know exactly what I can and can’t do. We’re not going to back down from this,” he promises.

Mr Morgan adds that if Goldman manages to shut down his site, he has a number of other domain names registered.

Allow me to introduce Mr. Morgan’s site…

Facts About Goldman Sachs (tagline)

This website has NOT been approved by Goldman Sachs, nor does this website have any affiliation with Goldman Sachs. This website was designed to provide information about Goldman Sachs direct from the public, and NOT from Goldman Sachs’s marketing and public relations departments. You may find the Goldman Sachs website at

Mr. Morgan’s most recent post:

AIG and Goldman Sachs – Scandal, Scheme, Fraud, RICO or ALL

NOTE: When I read this piece on Market Watch, I asked myself why the SEC, FDIC, FBI, CIA, MI6, DGSE and Secret Service haven’t done a thing to uncover the stinky-stink at Goldman Sachs and how it has placed their stinky-stink in just about every country on the planet. It’s like a science fiction movie with the Evil Genius planting a timed virus throughout the world.

Government Sachs Is In Control
Commentary: Investment bank has strengthened its position through bailout by David Weidner on Market Watch

Lloyd Blankfein must be the luckiest guy on Wall Street. He leads one of the Street’s biggest bailed-out firms, but unlike other companies propped up by taxpayers . . .

. . .

Since the fall of Bear Stearns Cos. a little more than a year ago, Goldman has taken more than $20 billion in taxpayer cash through loans, payments and backstops. Goldman’s latest bailout coup was a $12.5 billion paid out of AIG’s $180 billion government cash infusion.

Until it was fully extricated, Goldman always characterized its exposure to AIG as “immaterial,” and that its $20 billion notional exposure to AIG was hedged. Turns out that it was — through government bailouts that didn’t exist when Goldman entered the contracts.

. . .

Even former New York Luv Guv Eliot Spitzer told journalist Fareed Zakaria on Sunday that he thinks something smells.

“The web between AIG and Goldman Sachs is something that should be pursued,” Spitzer said. “Why did [those payments] happen, what questions were asked, why did we need to pay 100 cents on the dollar for those transactions if we had to pay anything, what would have happened to the financial system had it not been paid?”

Read the full article – Click Here

Here is the post and letter stating cease and desist:

Goldman Sachs v. Mike Morgan

It looks like Goldman Sachs is not happy with this website I created to post information about Goldman Sachs. I received the letter below from their attorney today, and my Intellectual will publish the truth. Feel free to visit the blog and leave your comments. You may also submit posts through the blog or our blog email address Property attorney will be responding accordingly. It’s only been up about a week, and there is not much on there yet, but I invite everyone to submit articles and posts to the website relevant to Goldman Sachs. All posts will be reviewed, but unless they are clearly false or malicious, we

Needless to say, we will most likely fight this one in court with Goldman Sachs and now we will expedite adding relevant content to this website. We have followed all of the legal requirements to own and maintain the website under the address we have selected. If you have any media contact you want to forward this to, be my guest. It’s just another example of how a bully like Goldman Sachs tries to throw their weight around and this is a clear violation of our Constitutional Rights.


On a completely different note; who was studying INSCAP?  Please get back to me on that one.

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