Saturday (“My Head Is Going To Explode”) Open Thread

Monster readers: my poor noggin is about to explode and I am looking for that last roll of duct tape I have hiding hereabouts. That being said, please feel free to use this post today as an open thread to leave comments, tips and links for myself and each other.  Who has the latest on Major Garrett and the White House, or Geico's lunacy? I am chasing down a bill "without text" as of yet, but the hunt is rather intense.  I gotta stop swearing at my computer.  Also, anybody spent anytime reading the Senate's version of the healthcare bill? …
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Message From The Monster 8.10.09

Dear Readers, If my site really starts acting weird, let me know... I have had even more interesting visitors in the last week and have reason to believe the site will crash... ...and for those visitors - the truth is coming out and there is nothing you can do about it... (P.S. Everybody send out a great big Monster wave to Perkins Coie!)
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Message To Monster Readers; #?

Aloha all...The Monster is going to be doing some massive site housekeeping this evening (5/11/2009), which will probably incur some page view problems, but which will hopefully correct many of the issues this site has been having over the course of the last month. Stay tuned....and many mahalos for your patience. Diamond
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