Hawaii Solidifies Its ‘Keep Digging’ Policy

Hawaii Solidifies Its ‘Keep Digging’ Policy

As the rest of the country moves forward with the election of Americans that are willing to face the true depth of the problems we face economically, financially, and globally, Hawaii changed up to a Caterpillar Excavator with a sweeping slate of democrats that leave so much to be desired as to inspire heavy drinking and depression.  The bright side to what appears to be a dismal future is that democrats are on track to totally destroy Hawaii’s economy with higher taxes, bigger government, and new forms of corruption.  Maybe, just maybe (and that’s a really big maybe), the moos might wake up next time around.

Former US representative and ‘Democratic Socialist of America’ Neil Abercrombie was elected as governor with a massive plan for more spending and bigger government.  Mazie Hirono, a rubber stamp for the Obama progressive agenda and stalwart ACORN supporter retained her seat, and if the trend remains stable, she will continue to be elected by the uninformed and entitlement dependent moos until she dies.  Note that 86 year old, Daniel Inouye won re-election again last night, and will be 92 years old when he goes for re-election yet again.  Inouye was a founder of Central Pacific Financial who received $135 million in T.A.R.P. cash after Inouye’s office called bank regulators.  Add to that, Inouye ‘is the chairman of the influential United States Senate Committee on Appropriations‘ and he became President pro tempore of the Senate when skeckzi Robert Byrd finally kicked the bucket.

As President pro tempore of the Senate, Inouye is third in the line of Presidential succession (behind the Vice President and the Speaker of the House of Representatives), and signs all bills that are passed by the Senate, before they are sent to the President of the United States to be signed into law or vetoed.

But here’s the kicker; what most people on the mainland do not understand is that Hawaii became a state in 1959.  Inouye has been a Hawaii senator for 47 of the 51 years that Hawaii has been a state.  How WRONG is that? Has not his 47 year tenure enabled him and his cronies to steer situations for their own profit SINCE THE STATE BECAME A STATE?

Wrong, wrong, wrong…but I digress.

Let’s move onto Colleen Hanabusa, the higher tax loving, freshman congresswoman that does not even live in the district she now represents after defeating Charles Djou last evening.   It also appears that Hanabusa is following in Inouye’s deal-making steps:

Hanabusa and Souza at one time lived in an expensive Ko Olina townhouse bought by Souza from Stone after Hanabusa, a state senator who represents the Leeward Coast, championed a controversial $75 million tax credit for Ko Olina at the Legislature in 2002-2003.

In February 2005, less than two years after Souza bought the home, he sold it for a $421,000 profit, according to real estate records. Souza and Hanabusa, who were engaged at the time and married in 2008, then bought a $1 million home in another Ko Olina subdivision developed by Centex Homes of Texas.

That home, and the Ko Olina Resort, are actually in the 2nd Congressional District and Hanabusa is a candidate in the 1st District. District residency is not a legal requirement, although Hanabusa has said that, if elected, she would move to a new home inside the 1st District.

Now didn’t I say something earlier about stupid, entitlement-dependent moos?

Not every single candidate that won last night is on par with Allen West or Marco Rubio, but the universe’s balance of corrupt politicians and straight-shooters has to be met, and Hawaii is providing almost all of the corrupt quota in one shot.  This will be our historic contribution to the republic; how not to run a state.

It’s obvious that Hawaiians have not yet hit their ‘hopey-changey’ rock bottom moment yet.  They still believe there is a difference between Dems and Pubs, and that the democrats are going to take care of them.  Lalalalalalalalalalalala…

The Race Is On For Your 401(k)

The Race Is On For Your 401(k)

Teresa Ghilarducci

I wrote yesterday about the feds coming for your 401(k)s using Theresa Ghilarducci’s ‘Guaranteed Retirement Account‘ plan.  I just did a little tiny bit of digging on Theresa and I have to admit that although I should not be shocked anymore, I was left breathless by just one page from one website.  The depth of the collapsing progressivism is just heinously out-of-control, but this post is not about that research.  I will do another article subsequently after I re-introduce my readers to John Willoughby who is making a run at unseating Autocrat Mazie Hirono here in my home state, Hawaii, District 2.

John is the Tea Party endorsed candidate who just picked up an endorsement from Sarah Palin.  John is a true ‘small government’ Constitutional conservative, a former navy pilot, and current commercial airline pilot, and our best hope of sending Mazie packing.  Please consider donating to his campaign here, as when we last communicated he stated, “I have not received, nor have I been told I can expect, any support from the RNC.”

John has written an article on this very issue of the government seizing Americans’ 401(k)s, with his personal experience of losing his retirement when United Airlines filed Chapter 11.  It may help us average moos understand exactly what the social wealth redistributionists are up to.

Democrats in Congress Take First Step Toward Nationalized Retirement

By John W.Willoughby

Psych! The government hasn’t taken the first step… Whether you know it or not, they’re already on, like, step 10.

After the attacks of 9/11 on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, the airline industry was thrown into turmoil. The Bush administration sprang into action and in just eleven short days established the Air Transportation Stabilization Board, a U.S. Treasury Department office designed to stabilize an airline industry that was already in dire straits prior to 9/11. The ATSB was to issue federal loan guarantees to viable airlines unable to acquire conventional credit. An amount that seems now like a paltry sum of $10 billion in loan guarantees (not bailouts) was appropriated by U.S. Congress to assist the airlines.

In essence, establishment of the ATSB provided the means by which airlines (including my employer, United Airlines) could continue to operate while meeting their financial obligations, including the funding of the employees defined benefit pension plans.

Instead of immediately applying for the loan guarantee, United Airlines — hemorrhaging money and suffering from self-inflicted wounds including a flawed business plan, an expensive, outdated, and fuel guzzling fleet of aircraft, inefficient work rules, bloated payroll, and unpaid pension obligations — opted to choose protection under Chapter 11 bankruptcy as a means to stop paying leases on aircraft, slash payrolls, layoff nearly half its work force and abrogate its contracts with its labor unions to include defaulting on pension obligations. This effectively ended the defined benefit pension plan.

Under bankruptcy protection, UAL then applied for the ATSB loan guarantee. They touted elimination of the pension plans and other draconian cost saving measures to prove to the ATSB that they were serious about staying viable and thus worthy of the loan guarantee. After a lengthy application process including a rare reapplication after initial denial, it was determined by the three-member ATSB that UAL was perfectly capable of establishing credit withoutthe government guarantee and denied the second application.

This is significant in two ways. First and most important, the market, not government determined whether UAL would survive (which it did). Secondly, by not taking government funds, UAL CEO Glenn Tilton was able to parley some $40 million in executive compensation for himself and tens of millions more for his immediate staff with nary an objection from the public, media, or Representative BarneyFrank.

But it was after this process that I first realized how little control (whether a result of government intrusion or other external forces) we the people actually have over our future, our financial security and the legacy we will be allowed to pass on to our children and grandchildren. With the stroke of a pen, we employees lost our hard earned retirements.

You see, in the past UAL and its labor unions negotiated a comfortable defined benefit pension plan that promised to pay a specific monthly payment at retirement (just as federal, state and local government agencies do now). Unlike government pension plans, that are funded by taxpayers, UAL (and other private and publically held companies that provide a defined benefit pension plan) was responsible to make regular contributions to the plan in addition to insurance premiums it was required to pay to the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation, an independent agency of the federal government designed to assume pension obligations in case of pension plan failure.

When UAL filed for Chapter 11 protection, its pension obligations and all monies in the plan were turned over to the PBGC. This was a windfall for the PBGC who developed a formula to continue making current pension payments at a drastically reduced amount and establish a schedule for paying future obligations — my and other’s retirements — at pennies on the dollar.

This is what my Hawaii public and private Union brothers and sisters have in store for them in the immediate future (when it is realized that there is no money to pay the $39 Trillion in unfunded pension obligations) and the rest of working Americans have to look forward to if Democrat Congressional Representative Mazie Hirono and “that San Francisco crowd” have their way.

There is method to their madness. Despite the majority party in Congress’s absolutely unconscionable gargantuan spending spree and outlandish promise to pay down their $13 Trillion plus obligation without the means to do it, they know they have a yet untapped resource from which to draw and plan to follow.

Our Union benefactors (and recipients of millions in union campaign contributions) Hirono and her fellow House Democrats including Speaker NancyPelosi, House Education and Labor Committee Chairman George Miller, D-California, House Ways and Means Committee’s Subcommittee on Income Security and Family Support Chairman James McDermott, D-Washington, invited Teresa Ghilarducci, Professor of Economic Policy Analysis at the New School of Social Research in New York to testify at McDermott’s committee. Professor Ghilarducci provided a plan to nationalize America’s private pension system and allow Congress to get their hands on $8 trillion of our money. (What’s especiallystinging is that my local Air Line Pilots Association council recently presented Representative Miller with an award for support of our Union. We lost our retirement once, and now he’s going to pick the bones.)

First,they will nationalize (steal) our hard-earned 401K and IRA accounts — every penny.

Second, they will issue each family an account (with a starting balance of zero) administered by the Social Security Administration (oh, I feel better already). We will be required to contribute to the account, 5% of our annual income (non tax deductable).

Third, the government will contribute up to $600 indexed for inflation (or it would actually be a negative sum gain) annually. Fourth, the government would guarantee a 3% rate of return (not indexed for inflation).

So, if you have a job that pays around $50,000 a year, over a 30-year career you will have built a retirement account worth around $150,000. Now, let me see… That will yield a monthly retirement stipend that is less than the present Social Security payment alone. The upside is that this will be guaranteed, hence the title “Guaranteed Retirement Account.” Oh by the way, only 50% can be passed to your heirs upon your death. Questions???

Yes. Are they out of their freaking minds! Who is speaking out against this? Who thinks the Democrat majority in both the House and Senate and the White House can’t get away with this? They have been preparing their “spread the wealth” strategy since early last election. They don’t actually believe they are helping Americans plan for their retirements… They simply want to get their hands on the $80 billion in annual 401K tax breaks millions of Americans currently receive and the crown jewel — the $7 trillion currently in Americans retirement accounts to pay for their socialist agenda.

What support can we expect this ill-conceived scheme to receive from our Hawaii Representatives? As for Mrs. Hirono, she has blindly voted with her Democrat majority nearly 100% of the time. We can also count on socialist Gubernatorial Candidate Abercrombie to be a chief drumbeater for this effort, then “bring the same change from Washington to Washington Place.” The rest is up to us.

John Willoughby Answers “Why Should I Vote For You?”

John Willoughby Answers “Why Should I Vote For You?”

(Editor’s Note:  As my readers know, I have been saying that every race this election cycle is a national race to flip not only the U.S. Congress, but state legislatures and governorships to candidates that are pro-Constitution and anti-progressive globalist.  I strongly support John Willoughby as the GOP candidate to run against autocrat Mazie Hirono in Hawaii’s District Two race in November.  Mr. Willoughby was sent an email asking his qualifications to be that candidate.  What follows is his response.  To find out more about John and/or donate to his campaign, go here.)


Aloha Friends! As you are aware, we are facing a contested Republican Primary in District Two for the first time in many years. The interest in this race notwithstanding, there have been few efforts in the media or community to highlight the differences between my opponent and me, which does a disservice to voters who wish to make an educated choice. I am attaching a recent email below and my response to illustrate some of the differences I see in our campaigns.

The following is from a voter on the Big Island. Besides de-identifying the author, his email and my response are exactly as written:


I will be departing for the mainland on 9/1/10. I am awaiting my absentee ballot. Why should I vote for you verses Ramsay?

I too am a Navy Vietnam Vet and retired Pilot, so we have a few things in common. As well as being a staunch conservative.

I support the TEA party ideals as well as most of what Sarah Palin has to say. Are we on the same page?

Let me know.

Darrell F.

Aloha Darrell!

I’m glad you asked the question… I’m surprised more people don’t. The Primary election is just four weeks from tomorrow, so I’m not going to waste time mincing words.

It’s been about ten months since I filed my initial press release announcing that I would be running for U.S. Congress. Several months later, when Ramsay Wharton ran into stiff opposition from the Hawaii Republican Party in response to her desire to run for Lieutenant Governor, she shifted gears and decided to seek a path of lesser resistance. That path was to U.S. Congress. (To be fair, I also received opposition from the Party when I, as a complete unknown, first sought out their advice on running for Congress. I understood their concern, but stayed true to my convictions and elected to run despite their reticence. Personally, I feel she should have stayed true to her convictions as well.)

When she ultimately announced that she would be running, I immediately went on record welcoming her to the race. I insisted that her involvement would be nothing but positive with regards to giving Hawaii District Two voters an opportunity to hear a variety of opinions and ideas about substantive issues and solutions to the problems facing Hawaii families. (She even placed a copy of my letter on her website!) Now, six months later, we are closing in on the Primary Election, the results of which will decide who faces Mazie Hirono in the General Election.

This is not a beauty contest. If it was, I think you would agree that I wouldn’t stand much of a chance. Well Darrell, this is not a beauty contest and I’m not trying to win a crown. I’m trying to win a race for the future of Hawaii’s families.

Naturally, Ms. Wharton and I both feel we have the unique qualities required to serve the families of Hawaii. But when placed side-by-side, you would see that the differences between us become stark and the qualifications and experience I can offer Hawaii voters are far superior.

We are being told that we can expect wide scale changes in Congress after the November election. As many as 100 Congressional seats may change hands leaving a large number of Committee vacancies to be filled. We know that House Committee memberships are assigned based on a newly elected Representative’s background and experience. As a 26-year retired military officer (having served in combat, intelligence gathering, and serving many years in overseas duty assignments, etc.), I would line up for membership in the vitally important House Armed Services, House Foreign Relations, and House Veterans Affairs Committees. Possessing an active Top Secret SCI Security Clearance, I would also be considered for immediate membership in the House Intelligence Committee.

As a Commercial Airline Pilot for the past 12 years, I would also line up for membership in the crucial House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, where I will join Congressman Charles Djou in moving forward legislation seeking an exemption for Hawaii from the Jones Act. An exemption would lower the price of virtually every good and service sold in Hawaii up to 22%, and would make our local products more marketable on the mainland and around the world. (By contrast, Ms. Wharton would have a hard time lobbying for membership in any committees other than lower level social service, public service, or communications committees.)

More importantly, my experiences in high-stress, fast-moving positions that require keen judgment and high levels of responsibility and decision making are well-known and have been consistently recognized. I have no qualms about comparing the levels of responsibility each of us has experienced and will have to offer Hawaii voters.

Whether in Command of an aircraft with 20 Navy Crewmembers in combat, or a commercial airliner with 360 passengers and Crewmembers flying into Chicago during a blinding snowstorm, I can’t afford to take my responsibilities lightly – Ever. I can’t routinely call out “cut,” or “let’s do that again,” or “we’ll just wait and try to make that landing later when the conditions are better.” In my business, I am literally responsible for the safety and wellbeing of thousands of families and business people every month. The number of safe landings must equal the number of takeoffs, and the number of men, women and children who walk safely off the plane at the end of the flight must equal the number that board at the beginning of the flight, every single flight. Every day of my life, my mantra must be, “failure is not an option.” I will take that same level of intensity, responsibility, and accountability with me to Washington on your behalf.

Quite frankly, Ms. Wharton is not in the same league. It’s not that she doesn’t have the enthusiasm or resolve… she simply has no common frame of reference, and that is why her claim that she is the only candidate with the experience to be a U.S. Congressman would not stand up under close scrutiny.

Specifically, there are several reasons why you should vote for me. First, my ideas on how to approach the morass our economy is facing are much more substantive: I will move forward on plans (described on my website) to reduce the tax burden on Hawaii families and small businesses; I will fight to stop the government’s incessant and reckless deficit spending that jeopardizes our children and grandchildren’s future; and I will submit legislation to create permanent, well-paying jobs for our unemployed and underemployed workers.

Secondly, I have already established life-long relationships with current members of the U.S. Senate such as Lamar Alexander, Bob Corker, Mike Enzy, John Ensign, Saxby Chambliss, and Orrin Hatch. And in the House of Representatives, with even prominent Democrats such as House Majority Leader Stenny Hoyer, Representatives Ike Skelton, and Sam Farr, and Republicans James Gerlach and Bill Shuster. Simply put, I know how Washington works. It won’t take me 2 or 4 or 6 years to figure things out. Nor will I be reluctant to fight against bureaucrats and politicians who make policies that aren’t in the best interest of Hawaii families.

Thirdly, I am not a career politician and I have no further career aspirations. I will serve no more than two terms. That will allow me to spend every minute in Congress working for Hawaii families instead of trying to get re-elected, or spending your valuable time courting special interests and lobbyists to curry their favor and raise campaign contributions.

And I firmly believe that a member of Congress should not profit from their public service nor leave Washington better off financially than when they arrived. Not only will I not accept healthcare benefits superior to those I already receive in my airline job (Kaiser) or that I can purchase as a retired military member (Tricare for Life), I will donate every single penny more than I will have received from my airline job (which is about half of a current Congressman’s salary) to Shriners Hospital for Children in Honolulu. That is a promise.

Finally, Ms. Wharton and I also differ on Christian values. I am the only candidate who is Pro-life, Pro-family, Pro-traditional marriage, and the only candidate to stand beside Governor Lingle and Hawaii families in opposition to HB444.

I also stand beside the Chiefs of all the Armed Forces and over 90% of our military in uniform who oppose lifting the military’s long standing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. I also oppose overturning the Defense of Marriage Act, which properly defines marriage as between one man and one woman, and does not force us here in Hawaii to recognize same sex marriages or civil unions performed in States on the mainland. Most importantly, I am not afraid to allow God back into our schools and communities.

I hope this has given you some idea why I think you should vote for me Darrell. But the bottom line is that I’m not here answering your email just so I can ask for your vote… I’m here to earn it.



John Willoughby: The Jones Act And Hawaii Monopolies

Mid-April, I introduced my readers to John Willoughby (R) who is running to unseat Mazie Hirono in Hawaii’s 2nd District. If you have not yet taken the time to peruse this common sense, conservative alternative to Mazie Hirono, go here.

Mr. Willoughby has written an op-ed about how the ‘Jones Act‘, (which is very much in the news currently because of the gulf oil leak), is unnecessarily inflating prices on the islands because of the stranglehold that shippers, unions, and democratic lawmakers have on this state.  He understands the pieces of the puzzle and would be working to exempt Hawaii from this ancient law put in place to protect American merchant seamen.  Our newest representative, Charles Djou has already called for Obama to waive this act as was done during hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Bold Colors No. 6: Jones Act Exemption Will Bring Down the Prices of Goods and Services in Hawaii

The prices of goods and services are higher in Hawaii than any other state in the country.

That’s not news to anyone who lives in Hawaii. However, if the two words ‘kept unnecessarily’ were to be inserted in front the word ‘higher,’ that would be news.

If elected to Congress, the very first day in office I will introduce legislation that will drastically lower the price of virtually every good and service bought or sold in Hawaii.

If you were to ask anyone who lives in or visits Hawaii why prices here are the highest in the nation, they would typically answer that there are several reasons. First, we produce (locally) a very small percentage of what we consume. Secondly, we export very little. But the primary reason people would give is that it costs a lot to transport goods to Hawaii, and we transport virtually all of what we consume – not only to the Islands, but also between the Islands.

These facts accurately describe the effect (high prices), but not the cause. This article will address that, and our solution.

Imagine if you will, Hawaii’s private sector economy as a tall three-legged wooden stool with the legs connected by supporting braces. Let’s say the seat represents the prices of goods and services, once again being kept high by the three legs.

The first leg represents the monopolistic trust of a few powerful and politically influential shipping and transportation companies such as Alexander & Baldwin’s Matson Navigation Company (who sets the costs for transportation of goods and services to and from the Mainland), Saltchuk Resources, Inc. (whose companies Young Brothers and Aloha Air Cargo determine rates for the interisland transportation of goods and services, and who is credited in many circles for shoring up their position by helping to sink the Hawaii SuperFerry), and Hawaiian Holdings, Inc. (whose Hawaiian Airlines controls pricing of interisland air passenger transportation).

The second leg represents Hawaii’s union leadership. Notice that I said “leadership,” because most of Hawaii’s union members are good, honest, hard-working people looking to earn an honest-day’s pay for an honest-day’s labor. Union leadership on the other hand is a de facto political action committee operating by a simple mantra – elect politicians who support the union’s goals to work as little as necessary and earn as much as possible doing it. (I’m a union member and my union’s contract and work schedule-bidding program is based on that formula.) Union leaders will make large contributions, lobby legislation and promise votes to labor friendly politicians, and negotiate contracts with their companies to achieve those goals.

The third leg represents four people – our Hawaii congressional delegation including Senators Daniel Inouye and Daniel Akaka, and Representative Mazie Hirono (and former Representative Neil Abercrombie). They are all responsible to ensure no legislation is advanced to “rock the stool.”

The supporting braces that hold the legs together (and will not allow the others to stray) represent the Merchant Marine Act of 1921, also known as the Jones Act. The Jones Act requires that all goods transported by sea between U.S. ports be carried on U.S. flagged ships that are constructed in the U.S., owned by U.S. citizens, and operated by U.S. crews. The law was designed to support the U.S. merchant marine industry. Opponents (including farms, ranches, and small businesses here in Hawaii) claim it stifles competition and increases the cost of shipping.

Though the Jones Act may still be appropriate on the Mainland (and even Alaska) where there are alternate means of transporting good and services, it is an extremely unfair and business and consumer unfriendly law here in the Islands. Our obvious boundaries allow only two means of conveyance between Hawaii and the Mainland – air or sea. As oil prices rise, it becomes less economical to transport goods by air. A large percentage of our goods must be transported by sea.

And though the increasing price of oil has a debilitating effect on the price of conveyance, it is the lack of choice and competition that radically exacerbates the cost of doing business in Hawaii. These costs are further increased by unions that get what they ask for without a fight, monopolistic trusts that can simply increase their cost of doing business to offset higher costs of labor, and politicians who have received millions in campaign contributions from the unions, Alexander & Baldwin, Saltchuk, Hawaiian Holdings, et al. in exchange for maintaining the status quo.

The only way to stop the continued escalation and lower the price of virtually every good and service in Hawaii is to knock one of the legs out. As with the seat of the stool, prices will fall. We must elect representatives who are not loyal to special interest groups (unions and monopolistic trusts), but to the people of Hawaii.

As we all know, congressional committee assignments are based in large part on the background of the elected representative. As a commercial airline pilot for the past 12 years, I would line up for membership in the powerful House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure where legislation supporting an exemption to the Jones Act for Hawaii would be introduced, debated, and moved forward. We are already off to a good start with the election of Congressman Charles Djou who also favors exemption. With the impending large-scale change in U.S. House membership after the 2010 general election, having both Hawaii representatives co-sponsoring and fighting in favor of an exemption, advancing legislation on Hawaii’s behalf would be virtually guaranteed.

Hawaii desperately needs an exemption to the Jones Act. An exemption will allow us to lower the cost of living for our Hawaii families and the costs for farms, ranches, and small businesses to do business and export their products to the mainland. It is undeniable that an exemption will also lead to more jobs for Hawaii residents, and an increase in tax revenues to state and local governments.

Hawaii voters must elect representatives who will take this “common sense” message to Washington. A Jones Act exemption is a win/win solution that will benefit everyone in Hawaii – everyone that is, except the current legs of the stool.

John Willoughby: Hawaii’s Answer To Progressive Autocrat Mazie Hirono

John Willoughby: Hawaii’s Answer To Progressive Autocrat Mazie Hirono

I lost count of the emails and letters I sent to my representative, Mazie Hirono, over the course of the last two years asking her not to vote for Obama’s agenda. I knew it was a waste of time, but unless we make some noise, nobody knows we are out here.  In Mazie and Obama’s case, it doesn’t matter how many Tea Party Patriots show up on their doorstep…(even here in Hawaii those numbers are growing with each new progressive move to the far left.)

Hawaii, (and America), now have an answer to Mazie’s purposeful deafness; former commissioned Naval officer, John Willoughby. Once again, it’s time to pony up with a donation and/or your time to ensure the defeat of Mazie and the election of a candidate that will actually help Hawaiians (and Americans), instead of chaining them to the entitlement state and bigger government.

Willoughby For Congress:

About John

Early Years
John was born on September 23, 1958 in Kansas City, Missouri to two “Show-Me State” Blue Dog Democrats. His mother Verna was a former “Navy Wave,” homemaker and mother of six. His father Bud was a Korean War era Marine. They met and were married while both were stationed in Hawaii in the early 1950’s. They returned to Missouri where Bud worked his way through the ranks of the Kansas City Police Department. He then served as Chief of Police of the Pueblo, Colorado and Salt Lake City, Utah Police Departments, and was heavily involved in national law enforcement until his passing in 2004. John’s parents stressed public service, personal and financial responsibility, and accountability.

Military Service
After spending his elementary and junior high school years in Kansas City, John’s family moved to Colorado where he graduated from Pueblo East High School in 1976. John then enlisted in the Navy. Upon completion of his initial training, he was designated a Navy Aircrewman on the P-3 Orion aircraft and assigned to Patrol Squadron Nineteen at Naval Air Station Moffett Field, California. His squadron deployed at the height of the Cold War to Okinawa, Northern Japan, and twice to the Aleutian Islands of Alaska.

College Education
When he completed his four-year enlistment, John returned to Salt Lake City where he worked his way through college graduating in 1985 from the University of Utah with a Bachelors Degree in Organization Communications. He also participated in a study abroad program at Christian-Albrechts University in Kiel, Germany. At the University of Utah, John affiliated with Sigma Chi Fraternity and became a lifetime member of the University of Utah Alumni Association and a “Life Loyal Sig.”

Re-Enters Military
Upon graduating college, John was recruited by a national grocery store chain to serve as an Assistant to the Vice-President of HumanResources. It was there he realized his true passion was to continue serving his country in the Armed Forces. He applied and was admitted to Navy Aviation Officer Candidate School where he was honored as a Distinguished Navy Graduate earning a regular commission as an Ensign in the United States Navy. He attended flight school in Pensacola, Florida and Corpus Christi, Texas earning his aircraft carrier landing qualification and “Wings of Gold” in 1988.

Military Career
John was assigned to Patrol Squadron Twenty-Two at Naval Air Station Barbers Point, Hawaii where he received his Patrol Plane Mission Commander designation. There he deployed to the Philippines, Okinawa, and Japan. While stationed in Hawaii, he met and married the former Yong Hui Pak, a Hawaii resident and naturalized U.S. citizen born in South Korea. Before leaving Hawaii, their first son Joshua was born at Tripler Army Medical Center. John was then assigned as a flight instructor to Fleet Replacement Training Squadron Thirty-One, Moffett Field, California. He later returned to Hawaii where he was assigned to Fleet Special Projects Patrol Unit Two, a unit assigned by the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff to covert special operations worldwide. Later John received orders to the U.S. Naval Air Facility Misawa, Japan as the Air Operations Officer. During his tour in Japan, his second son Jeremy was born.

Navy Reserve
John left active duty in 1998 and entered the Navy Reserve where he was assigned to Fleet Logistics Support Squadron Fifty-One at Kaneohe, Hawaii, then later the NATO Supreme Allied Command–Transformation, and finally Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet. Upon moving back to Hawaii, John and Yong Hui adopted a twelve-year old South Korean girl named Su Jin.

Mogadishu, Somalia

Post Military
John retired from the Navy Reserve as a Lieutenant Commander in 2006. While in the Navy and Navy Reserve, John qualified as a Plane Commander on six different aircraft, was deployed to and operated in dozens of countries in the south, western, and northern Pacific, Asia, Africa, Europe, and North, Central, and South Americas, as well as India, Australia, and Greenland. John was awarded two Air Medals for combat missions in support of United Nations Operations in Somalia for his role in real life battles that became the inspiration for the book and motion picture “Black Hawk Down,” two Navy Commendation Medals, a Navy Achievement Medal and several other medals, decorations, and commendations. He is also a lifetime member of the Association of the United States Navy and American Legion.

Commercial Airline Career
In 1998 John was employed by United Airlines as a commercial airline pilot based at San Francisco International Airport. During his eleven years at United, John has flown over 7000 hours both domestically and internationally on the DC-10, Boeing 777, 767, and 757, and the Airbus 319 and 320 commercial aircraft. In 2001 John lost several friends and co-workers on United and American Airlines airplanes involved in the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks and in the attack on the Maritime Patrol section of the Pentagon. United Airlines later sought Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection and John was furloughed from 2004-2005. He rejoined United in 2005 where he has been since. At United, John is a member of the Air Line Pilots Association, an international labor union.

Current Day
After spending six years in Salt Lake City caring for his ill parents, John and Yong Hui moved back to Hawaii in 2006. They and their two sons live in Honolulu where their sons attend public school — Josh at Moanalua High School, and Jeremy at Moanalua Middle School. Their daughter Su Jin is now grown and lives on the mainland. John and Yong Hui look forward to their 20th wedding anniversary this year.

Just a sample of what John believes when it comes to the issues.  Go to his site and hover over ‘issues’ to see more.

Restoring Fiscal Responsibility, Cutting the Pork

Enough is enough. John wants to put an end to this era of senseless, wasteful, and costly government spending of Hawaii families’ tax dollars. Simply put, it is a moral, ethical, and unprincipled outrage that our current Hawaii representatives have ensured that future generations will suffer because Congress will not govern within their means. John vows to restore fiscal responsibility in Washington by reining in spending, repealing unpaid earmark and stimulus spending, and supporting an immediate and permanent ban on taxpayer-funded earmarks. John has been a lifelong watchdog of government fraud, waste, and abuse and will ensure that members of Congress and their special interest groups know they will be held accountable for putting our families in jeopardy and squandering our children and grandchildren’s future.

Increasing Access to Affordable, High-Quality Health Care

John agrees with Hawaii families that patients and their doctors, not government bureaucrats or mainland “health resource panels,” should be in charge of their health care. He believes that every American should have access to health care that is every bit as good as the care provided to members of Congress. John supports Small Business Health Plans that allow small businesses to pool their resources to purchase high-quality, affordable insurance for their employees. John also wants to broaden the array of health insurance choices available by allowing patients to purchase health plans that suit their individual needs, even if these choices are only available in other states.

Securing Our Borders, Enforcing Our Laws

John will fight immigration reform efforts currently underway in Congress that will allow tens of millions of illegal immigrants on the mainland to “cut in line” in front of our Hawaii families who have been playing by the rules and waiting patiently for years for their turn. He will support legislation that will secure our borders and restore strict enforcement of our current immigration laws. Abandoning these laws has allowed foreign “drug lords” to operate fearlessly along our borders with impunity, indignation, and reckless and deadly abandon. Allowing drugrunners unimpeded access to our country is more than a matter of national security – it threatens the safety of our families and the very fiber of our communities.

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