Catherine Austin Fitts, ‘Financial Coup d’Etat’ (With Alex Jones, 2.17.2011)

This financial genius has nailed it yet again with the continuing predictions that have come true. She starts this interview with the german bank taking over the NYSE and the fallout from that merger, fraud in different markets, bailouts and the trillions that have disappeared, and the 'financial coup d'etat' that occurred right in front of our faces. Have you yet seen a banker in handcuffs?  She goes into cutting the head off the beast with the money that we give to the government, banks, and charities (Part 1, 11:00). Please check the related links following the vids. Catherine Austin…
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The Continuing Myth Of Recovery

Everybody buckle up because Friday (2.5.2010) morning is going to be a doozy. Since the east coast is 5 hours ahead of my local time, I know there isn't going to be any light reading with my morning coffee due to whatever the markets are doing worldwide, and the jobs report from the Bureau of Labor & Statistics. Here is a preview of "how's that reckless spending working out for ya?" Global Markets Shudder Doubts About U.S. Economy and a Debt Crunch in Europe Jolt Hopes for a Recovery Concerns are growing that the world hasn't seen the last of…
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