Clinton/Meeks: Democrat Tries to Save Republican’s Senate Race (UPDATED: Crist Video)

According to, former president Bill Clinton brokered a deal requesting that Rep. Meeks drop out of the Florida Senate race in order to allow progressive Charlie Crist (R, I, P) an open pathway to winning that senate seat against Marco Rubio.  What won’t the progressives do to get one of their own inside the beltway?  Since when does a former president who happens to be a democrat try to get another democrat to quit a race in order for a republican turned independent to win a seat?  Open your eyes America; now you will understand why a DeMint/Paul leadership team is so important.  If we are going to have republican control in the House and Senate, can we at least have somebody that upholds the Constitution?

Bill Clinton pushed Kendrick Meek to quit Florida race

Bill Clinton sought to persuade Rep. Kendrick Meek to drop out of the race for Senate during a trip to Florida last week — and nearly succeeded.

Meek agreed — twice — to drop out and endorse Gov. Charlie Crist’s independent bid in a last-ditch effort to stop Marco Rubio, the Republican nominee who stands on the cusp of national stardom.

What makes this all very interesting is a comment I just heard from Shep Smith speaking with Carl Cameron on FoxNews about Obama taking a page out of Bill Clinton’s playbook after Newt Gingrich and the republicans regained control of the house in 1994.  The close working relationship that Clinton and Gingrich built under the banner of bipartisanship belays the actual common purpose of pushing global governance that these two progressives both envisioned.

The Real Newt Gingrich: New World Order Globalist

The Real Newt Gingrich from Frank on Vimeo.

Crist states that he spoke with people at the White House during an interview with Greta today.

Rubio Vs. Crist On FoxNews Sunday, 3.28.2010

Rubio Vs. Crist On FoxNews Sunday, 3.28.2010

Rubio’s 25 point (avg from RCP) smackdown of Charlie Crist is what happens when the country starts drinking tea and the Republicans keep acting like progressive Dems on steroids.

Florida GOP Senate Candidates to Face Off on ‘Fox News Sunday’

The two Republicans battling in the nation’s mostly closely watched Senate primary contest will debate this Sunday in the “Fox News Sunday” studio in Washington, D.C.

The Florida Senate Showdown is a “Fox News Sunday” exclusive.

Gov. Charlie Crist had a commanding 37-point lead in the polls last spring and was considered by many to be a future leader in the Republican Party. But in a remarkable turnaround, his challenger Marco Rubio, former Florida Speaker of the House and a Tea Party favorite, has stormed to the lead.

The two challengers will sit down face to face for their first debate on “Fox News Sunday.”

Be sure to e-mail and give us your ideas for questions for the Florida Senate Showdown.

By the way, Marco is all about Repealing Obamacare. The other guy? Well, he liked to hang out with Obama…

UPDATE: FoxNewSunday Program – 3.28.2010:

Part 2:

Marco Rubio Receives Major Endorsement From Mike Pence

Marco Rubio is beating the tar out of Charlie Crist (49-37), and now he has a conservative heavy hitter backing him.  Mike Pence has endorsed Mr. Rubio’s candidacy for US Senate.

Via Redstate

BREAKING: Mike Pence Endorses Marco Rubio

The steady drumbeat for Marco Rubio keeps going on and on. Today he is picking up the endorsement of Congressman Mike Pence.

Congressman Pence said, “I am proud to endorse Marco Rubio for the United States Senate. Marco Rubio’s faith in free markets, limited government and traditional moral values make him the right choice for Republicans in this race. At a time when the American people long for leaders of principle, Marco Rubio will be a courageous check and balance on the current Washington establishment.

“With Washington spending money we don’t have and empowering the government at the expense of individual freedom, we need more leaders like Marco Rubio who are willing to take a stand for the common sense and common values of the American people.”

GOP Being Pantywaists Again!

GOP Being Pantywaists Again!

Americans are tired of politicians that say one thing, do another, and do not live by a set of principles.  We know the Borg Progressives have completely absorbed their democratic host, but the GOP isn’t on life support yet.  One would think they would be listening, paying attention, and re-installing their spines considering the American public is more pissed at them then they are at the dems.

Once again, not so.  The GOP are being pantywaists in the face of overwhelming evidence that the American public wants them to get a grip!  Conservative republican candidate Rubio has just passed Crist in the polls, yet the GOP will continue to support Crist….wait for it….but not fund him.  Where is the leadership in that?  Their own website states, “Devoted To Electing A Republican Majority Senate”.  Clueless *(^*&%&*()**^&s.

Election 2010: Florida Republican Primary for Senate
Florida GOP Senate: Rubio 49%, Crist 37%

Former state House Speaker Marco Rubio has now jumped to a 12-point lead over Governor Charlie Crist in Florida’s Republican Primary race for the U.S. Senate.

A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of likely GOP Primary voters in the state finds Rubio leading Crist 49% to 37%. Three percent (3%) prefer another candidate, and 11% are undecided.

Here’s the punchline for the pubs who are following their democratic brethren in “I want my cake, and I want to eat it too” mode.

Senate GOP backs Crist, but not with cash

The National Republican Senatorial Committee will continue to endorse Florida Gov. Charlie Crist in the state’s Senate primary race but will not provide financial support, Sen. John Cornyn, the group’s chairman, said Tuesday.

“We’re going to stick with our endorsement,” Mr. Cornyn, Texas Republican, said in an interview with The Washington Times’ “America’s Morning News” radio show. But “we’re not going to be spending any money in the primary.”

Message to the GOP; you can’t have it both ways because now you appear even stupidier and weaker to the Wide Awake American Public.

And in related/unrelated news, has anyone find out why Bush 41 and Jeb Bush were meeting with Obama at the WH on 1/30/2010?

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