Bernanke: “No Fiscal Exit Strategy”

I have a rather important question, but let’s allow Ben Bernanke to do his little song and dance for Charles Djou about how the government has no fiscal exit strategy from the current monetary policy that was put in place to keep the economy from collapsing. I almost passed by this video because it is … Read more

America, This Is Your Presidente!!!

Congressional Criminals? Are you paying attention?  Is this how an American president leads or is this how a foreign presidente manages the decline? The oil leak progresses, Iran has decided to jump into the Gaza aid drive, Turkey is going sideways…and what is the pRetender doing just days after hanging out with Paul McCartney? From … Read more

Glenn Beck, 5.17.2010: Get The Lifeboats Ready

If you are spending anytime watching the news and/or reading the blogs you know that the train wreck is happening now, and that world leaders are ‘managing the decline’. Beck covers what you actually believe at the start of the show. This is the entire video of the program.

…But The Economy Is Recovering!!! (UPDATED)

TPTB can continue to spin that the economy is recovering and that we are coming out of the Great Recession, but you and I know better.  The global economy is a gnat’s *** from completely melting down and their ‘Great Recession’ is actually the second Great Depression; evidenced by rising unemployment and this little tidbit … Read more

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