“Truth Is Treason In An Empire Of Lies”

The Number One Video I have seen of the 1000s that I have watched showing upclose and personal what has occurred and is occurring right now in our monetary system. After watching this, if you still think that Dr. Ron Paul is a flake and was not completely marginalized by the American Pravda known as the Main Stream Media, and that Peter Schiff, Ron Paul’s Economic Advisor on his presidential campaign is a complete moron, then you have been hypnotized and did not even know it. Watch the whole thing and pay attention to the dates the quotes were made.

Do you think it is time to Fire Congress?

U.S. Economy: The Philosopher’s Stone


UPDATE: 1/11/09

If you have taken the time to read “The Fed” page at the top of this blog, you will know that Henry Paulson, the Secretary of the Treasury has a very different agenda then saving our economy.

I found this video today and it has a critical timeline of quotes from both Henry Paulson and Peter Schiff. The theories could be wrong about who is behind the collapse, but the fact the collapse is immiment is not wrong. It is coming, get prepared.

Peter Schiff’s site: Europac
Ron Paul Forum: LibertyForest (for more information about the economy and constitutional issues)

Calling All Americans: Want To Stomp The Media?

Calling All Americans: Want To Stomp The Media?

Okay kids – here’s your chance to get involved with a grassroots organization that wants to reform government and give the Media the stomping they deserve.  If you want to sign up at Wake Up America, go here.


Tuesday 8 PM to 9 PM ET    November 25

All aware Americans know that Mainstream Media  is now the tail wagging the dog. Biased commentary, censorship and ‘spinning’’ information, filling the airwaves through 2008, stacked the deck with voters who still don’t know the facts of this election.

If we don’t take action now, we can expect this disinformation campaign to continue manipulating the mainstream mindset with ever more damaging consequences for our democracy. It’s crucial that those who care enough to know – and know enough to care- reach out to the public, at large, with the need for major Media Reform.

Join in this Tele-Event for an introduction to WAKE UP AMERICA Movement strategy to take on the media and win!

Participation by RSVP: email your request to: getinvolved@wamtoday.org

You will receive reply email – with call in # and code in time to be on the line
and join this empowering Media Reform Action Plan.

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