Live Streaming (SnowBound) Senate Healthcare Debate: 12.19.09 (UPDATING)

The Call Is Going Out Via Twitter For A National Strike On January 20th, 2010. (4:30 P.M. EST.) DEBATE HAS STARTED: GO HERE FOR LIVE STREAMING COVERAGE FROM C-SPAN2 (Updates At Bottom Of Post) CAPITOL SWITCHBOARD: 202-224-3121 Don’t be surprised if they don’t pick up…. We will be live blogging this insane event all day … Read more

Live Streaming House Healthcare Debate 11.07.09 (Updating All Day Long….)

For those of you that want to watch the rodeo happening right now in OUR House of Representatives, go here to watch on C-SPAN. If you need to catch up on what has happened already today, Michelle Malkin is tracking this debate. ****************** (The Spousal Unit is Double-Daring the Dems to pass this bill.) ****************** … Read more

Live Streaming H.R. 1207 Committee Hearing (Updated)

Update: 9.25.09: For those of you that missed the hearing, (like myself), go here for a 3 hour C-Span video of the hearing. ******** (H/T Clyde) For those of you that want to watch the live stream of the House Committee on Financial Services hearing led by Barney Frank on H.R. 1207; Ron Paul’s Audit … Read more

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