Glenn Beck Debuts “Live Free Or Die”, 1.22.2010

Glenn Beck Debuts “Live Free Or Die”, 1.22.2010

Hold onto your hats folks, and wrap your heads in duct tape – here we go. (Refresh to see new segments as they are added.) Everyone give TheRightScoop some love for continuing to put up Glenn’s shows in their entirety each and every day. Also, for those that want to see the show unsegmented, go here after 7pm est.

Glenn has bios of the interviewees on his site, here.

Part 2, Hitler, Marx and Stalin:

Part 3, Ukraine Murder by Starvation:

Part 4, Che – Cold blooded killer:

Part 5, the reality of personal tragedy. How would you like to see your missing family member executed on TV?:

Part 6, Chairman Mao:

Part 7, Show close:

Glenn Beck: The Revolutionary Holocaust – Live Free Or Die

UPDATE: Go here to see the actual documentary.

For those Americans that are not history buffs, you must watch this program on Friday, either live, or on this site and others that will carry the program.  I will include links tomorrow.

Many, many Americans have been taught a “spun” version of events in our history and world history.  Many truths have been left out.  If you don’t believe me, pick up this book: “Lies My Teacher Told Me” by James W. Loewen.

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