A Message For ‘Occupy Wall Street’ From The Judge

The president’s class warfare nonsense is made to divide you. You are not poor because 10% are rich; you are poor because the federal government has taken up all the oxygen of success in the room. Capitalism didn’t make you poor; the LACK of capitalism did. – Judge Napolitano

Judge Napolitano lays out the actual history of the tea party and it’s co-opting by the republican establishment, Obama’s crony capitalism, the co-opting that is occurring right now to the Occupy Wall Street movement by labor unions and socialist groups that are in bed with Obama. He also gives the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ a list of demands that will move liberty and freedom forward and keep them from being ‘useful idiots’.

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Yes, It’s 1776 All Over Again!

I have run across an amazing vid of history repeating itself, and the new revolution growing across the country started by Dr. Ron Paul and his supporters in 2007.  I urge my readers who believe in Dr. Paul’s liberty message to send this vid viral!  (H/T GulfCoastRonPaul for the excellent compilation.)

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‘In Tyranny Lies Only Failure’

A hellaciously inspiring speech that, believe it or not, goes right to the heart of the problem facing America today; namely tyranny from a government run by banks and special interests that would make serfs of all Americans. If you think that statement is a bit over the top, ask yourself exactly how many Americans … Read more ‘In Tyranny Lies Only Failure’

“End Of Liberty”

Welcome to the U.S. (pause) S. A. – Gerald Celente With comments from Gerald Celente about breaking the chains of tyranny, and returning freedom and liberty to Americans, this trailer for the new documentary “End Of Liberty” from National Inflation Association is powerful and shows moments of the very real anger that has been pent … Read more “End Of Liberty”

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