Liz Warren On The Bankruptcy Loophole

Now I know why Geithner and his buddies allow Liz Warren to keep talking out loud about what has happened in the financial world, and what is still happening. The progressive left loves her, and I must admit, she does have some financial common sense stances that I agree with. In the following video from … Read more

On The Hunt…

Something is afoot and I wanted to share the beginning of the trail with you….stay with me. Late last night, I read that Edward Liddy was stepping down as AIG’s chief, and then found the following article this evening. AIG chief Edward Liddy to step down – without being paid Edward Liddy, the finance industry … Read more

A Message To Loyal Monster Readers…UPDATED

Author’s Update: I originally posted the following item on 12/22/08 and what followed was The Fed series which you can find at the top of this blog; it has it’s own page.  The reason for bumping up this post is that this particular article has now gotten more hits than any other including the “Socialism” … Read more

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