The size of the Kona Tea Party is growing, and I am happy to report that many more people are waking up to the insanity of congressional and executive branch malfeasance in our country!!  Though the pics belie the attendance, at least 100 patriots lined the road, were cheered on by drivers, and one man who slowed down and yelled, “You damn right it’s my money and I want to keep it!”.  Even Hawaii appears to be waking up.

"It's My Money!"

Get Ready For Obamacare

And though this pic has nothing to do with the tea party, I thought you might enjoy it. Aloha!!

UPDATE: More Photos of the Kona Tea Party:

To see more photos as they are added, go to the Kona Tea Party’s official site.

Kona Tea Party 4.15.2010, Part 1:

Part 2:

Hawaii Tax Day Tea Party!

Hawaii Tax Day Tea Party!

As many of you know and can imagine, Hawaii is a really laid back community, so I am truly surprised that Hawaii is waking up to the corruption in our government, putting down their surf boards and fishing poles AND protesting.

From Honolulu:

I attended the Kona Tea Party and was amazed at the number of people that attended.  I know it isn’t the Alamo or Atlanta, but 200 people attending is the most I have ever seen endorsing anything!   We all got a great laugh about the anonymous phone call that was made to the police about a disturbance on the side of the road requiring a police officer to come down and find out what was going on.


Kona Tea Party


Kona Tea Party


Kona Tea Party

Hilo Tea Party

Hilo Tea Party

From Hawaii Free Press:

Hawaii Legislature Passes $4 Billion In New Taxes And Fees ($13,000 Per Family of Four)

State House and Senate members tentatively passed a $4 billion tax increase on the people of Hawaii today on the eve of the largest anti-tax protest in the nation’s history.

The legislature wants every resident in the state of Hawaii to pay more for gas, and more in vehicle registration fees and vehicle weight fees (Senate Bill 1611).

The legislature also passed tax increases which could put hotel employees out of work by increasing the Transient Accommodations Tax. Leaders in the hotel industry say that this new tax would hurt the hotel business and their ability to compete with other tourist destinations, especially during a bad economy. (Senate Bill 1111).

A tax increase was also levied on Internet sales. (Senate Bill 1678)

“This is just wrong,” said Joe Pandolfe, organizer of the Honolulu Tax Day Tea Party tomorrow, from 4-7 p.m. at the State Capitol. “Legislators are clearly not living in the world that we are and do not understand how much the people of Hawaii are suffering. We must put a stop to this.”

For all seven Hawaii Tea Party Locations: SB backs Hawaii Tea-Parties: “Protest their insane plans to increase our already high cost of living”

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