Kenya Citizenship

Radio Host Calls The Kenyan Ambassador About The One….

Mike In The Morning (WRIF Detroit) has called the Kenyan ambassador and has an audio mp3 file of the conversation.  I have no idea if this is satire or real, but it is very interesting.  It seems the Kenyan ambassador is very excited about The One's election, speaks enthusiastically about all of Kenya's tourist attractions, and about how well known Obama's birth place in Kenya is - listen at 12:35. Follow the link!
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#2 Lawsuit Demanding Verification Of Obama’s Citizenship Status

I want to give a huge thank you to baj for dropping this comment tidbit on the Monster because EVERYBODY needs to know that Americans are starting to stand together and one by one we are demanding in the most legal way possible for verification of Barack Obama's citizenship due to the fact that his whole past has basically been scrubbed clean and the only historical facts we have are coming out of his memoirs. I also want to stand up and applaud Steve Marquis and People's Voice for filing this lawsuit. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Contact: Steve Marquis Telephone Number:…
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