Supreme Court “Evading” The Eligibility Question

Supreme Court “Evading” The Eligibility Question

Fifteen months into the Residency of Barack Obama, Justice Clarence Thomas states during an appropriations hearing that the Supreme Court is evading the question of eligibility as it pertains to being the president.


Justice Thomas: You and I have been at this together for a decade and a half.

Jose Serrano: I am glad to hear that you don’t think that there has to be a judge on the court, (?), because I’m not a judge.

Justice Thomas: And you don’t have to be born in the United States.  You never have to answer that question.

Jose Serrano: Oh really?

Justice Thomas: Yeah.

Jose Serrano: So you haven’t answered the one about whether I can serve as president, but you answer this one?

Justice Thomas: We are evading that one.  We are giving you another option.

Isn’t it lovely that they can just sit and joke about the fact that the court is evading the eligibility question? They really don’t believe they work for us, and if RAP is correct, they really don’t.

You may find this interesting also.  Jose Serrano introduced this resolution to lift the term limit on the presidency on January 6, 2009.

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