Court Martial Date Set For Navy SEALs (UPDATED)

Court Martial Date Set For Navy SEALs (UPDATED)

UPDATE: 5.6.2010: Matthew McCabe found NOT GUILTY – go here for the rest of the story.

No speedy trial for these SEALs.

Neil Puckett is Matthew McCabe’s lawyer, and the following press release is from his site:

McCabe Court-Martial Set for May 2010

Press  Release:  The trial of SO2 Matthew McCabe has been moved from January 19, 2010 to May 3, 2010 in Norfolk, VA.  The Military Judge ruled that the government request for a delay was approved.  However, she did not move the court-martial to Iraq as did the Military Judge in the cases of the other two Navy SEALs charged in the case.

A different Military Judge in the cases of SO2 Keefe and SO1 Huertas ordered the cases be tried in Iraq to accommodate the defense requests for the detainee to be present after declining to accept a deposition.  The SO2 Keefe Case is scheduled to begin on 5 April 2010 and SO1 Heurtas is scheduled to begin on 19 April 2010.

Go here to donate to the SEALS defense fund.

December 7th, Attack On Pearl Harbor And Navy SEALs Arraignment

Today is a date that will forever go down in history, just as 9.11 will never be forgotten.    I will forever remember this day, 12.07.09, as the epitome of the attack on us from within as 2 of the 3 Navy SEALs are arraigned for their court-martials on charges of gut-punching a terrorist and then lying about it.

Unbelievable….inexcusable….our government is pathetically hamstrung by their own political correctness, and more than a few of us are deeply disturbed by it, and looking for the way to end the chaotic delusions of this administration.

(Go here for the details if you just pulled your head out of the sand.)


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