Judge Napolitano

ObamaCare Unconstitutional; Imagine That?

We all know that our non-reps. are making and passing unconstitutional laws on a daily basis so as to be riding the clock, but Obamacare goes over the top for continuing the practice! Judge Napolitano speaks to this issue, and the Baucus plan that only costs $850 BILLION at a time when we are in a depression.  Don't kid yourselves people, we are wading into a depression; Bernanke is right about one thing, the recession is over...
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The 8.1.09 Ohio Tea Party You Haven’t Heard About OR “Thank You From Baghdad”

On August 1, 2009, over 10,000 people gathered in Columbus, Ohio for ANOTHER Tea Party to protest the out-of-control spending habits of this congress and to express their support for Ohio Senate Resolution 13, reaffirming the sovereignty of Ohio.  There seemed to be a surprise speaker calling in from Baghdad stating "Thank you From Baghdad".  Of course the MSM is NOT going to tell you about this: According to Judge Napolitano during his speech speaking about Obama's job as president; "His first job is to keep us free..."
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Can We Impeach Obama Yet?

(Update: 6/16/09: Fed Strongarmed Bank of America over Merrill Lynch) ******** I am happy to hear that US Bancorp's CEO Richard Davis is still above ground and breathing.  It is a sad day in Amerikka when I have to write words like that because I believe that people being taken out by "the system" actually happens here, AND people keep asking me about helicopters over my house. On February 18, I wrote "Tarp 1 Was to Ease The Credit Crunch, Not So Much..." about US Bancorp's CEO, who had come out of the shadows and explained that no matter if…
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