Stossel, 7.8.2011: The Road To Serfdom (Hayek Vs. Keynes)

Stossel had an excellent show today on the failed Keynesian economics being employed by the liberal/socialist/marxist/communist regime currently in power.  The basis for the show was F.A. Hayek’s ‘On The Road To Serfdom’  with guests including Dr. Ron Paul on spending, printing money and the military, Stuart Varney on Greece and the debt wall, James Delingpole on the green movement as hidden socialists, David Mamet’s conversion from being a brain-dead liberal, Ann Coulter on the mob mentality, and my personal favorite brit, Daniel Hannan, on our road to serfdom.

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Stossel: What’s Great About America

For those of you out there that are to the point of throwing up with the people that hate America and want to brainwash us into believing ‘we’ are the evil in the world; a few words about what makes Americans EXCEPTIONAL…

Stossel: What’s Great About America?

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