Stossel, 7.8.2011: The Road To Serfdom (Hayek Vs. Keynes)

Stossel, 7.8.2011: The Road To Serfdom (Hayek Vs. Keynes)

Stossel had an excellent show today on the failed Keynesian economics being employed by the liberal/socialist/marxist/communist regime currently in power.  The basis for the show was F.A. Hayek’s ‘On The Road To Serfdom’  with guests including Dr. Ron Paul on spending, printing money and the military, Stuart Varney on Greece and the debt wall, James Delingpole on the green movement as hidden socialists, David Mamet’s conversion from being a brain-dead liberal, Ann Coulter on the mob mentality, and my personal favorite brit, Daniel Hannan, on our road to serfdom.


Stossel: This Is What Unsustainability Looks Like

Stossel: This Is What Unsustainability Looks Like

Stay with this video because the visuals starting at 4:00 are background information that Americans need to understand the problem.  Also, Stossel interviews Paul Ryan as the ‘Paul Revere’ on the tsunami of debt headed our way.  Wait until you see the interest on the debt that is coming in Part 2.

Part 2:

Part 3, the Entitlement Game and Joel Kotkin, ‘America in 2050’:

Part 4:

Part 5:

John Stossel, 2.11.2010: On The Road To Serfdom (Unions)(UPDATED VIDEO)

John Stossel, 2.11.2010: On The Road To Serfdom (Unions)(UPDATED VIDEO)

(Editor’s Note: I will update this post with Stossel’s program later today.)

John Stossel’s program today will cover the new law in Michigan that automatically makes small business owners who run daycare centers be part of a union and pay union dues.

From BigGovernment:

Also in Michigan, a story of three women who run their own independent businesses out of their homes, caring for neighborhood children. They each recently  received a letter indicating that they are now dues-paying members of the Child Care Providers Together Michigan union – a complete surprise to them.

Loar v. DHS from Mackinac Center on Vimeo.

After a 2006 Executive Order by the Michigan Governor awarded the union (a partnership of UAW and AFSCME) bargaining rights for home child care workers, all it took for the union to convert all 40,000 child care workers to dues paying members was 5,900 signed union authorization cards.  That left some independent home child care workers, who’d for years considered themselves self-employed, feeling dismayed and stunned. Such began cries of forced unionism and initiated a lawsuit against the Michigan Department of Human Services.  The lawyer for the plaintiffs, Patrick Wright from the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, explains that the whole arrangement –

is nothing more than “a government ’shell corporation‘ designed to get around possible political and constitutional obstructions to the arrangement”.  Wright offers a detailed backgrounder on this case and a fantastic explanation of the scheme behind the actions.


So, was this an instance of unintended consequences that were simply unforeseen by the state of Michigan and its representatives working with the unions?  Or was unionizing 40,000 child care workers under the quiet cover of an apparently under-advertised vote by mail campaign an intended consequence for AFSCME and UAW?  More importantly, why is SEIU’s part in this production so downplayed?  Their joint documents clearly indicate that SEIU is driving the national movement to unionize home child care workers all across the country.  Not to mention SEIU’s “Kids First” program, which is both the beneficiary and the business driver behind all of these new home child care union members, in concert with AFSCME’s efforts.

John Stossel, 2.11.2010

Part 2,

Part 3,

Part 4,

Part 5,

Part 6,

John Stossel Speaking To Americans For Prosperity

John Stossel speaking to Americans For Prosperity on how he started out as an advocate for the ‘other side’, and how he was ashamed that it took him so long to understand what we already know. Liberal to Libertarian.

Part 2, The Free Market and Competition:

Part 3, Rule Of Law and % of the economy the Government should be ( now 40%).  Make sure you watch this segment all the way through.

Stossel To Cover ‘Atlas Shrugged’, 1.7.2010 (Updated)

Considering the amount of investigation and research that John Stossel does on a regular basis, today’s show on Ayn Rand’s ‘Atlas Shrugged’ should fall in the category of ‘Don’t Miss’.  Mr. Stossel, speaking on Fox and Friends this morning shows some of the correlations between the book and what is transpiring inside America under the current administration.  Stossel’s show is on at 8pm eastern on the Fox Business Network.


UPDATE: Actual show footage:

John’s interview of John Allison, Chairman of the 9th largest bank in America (BB&T Bank) who requires his executives to read “Atlas Shrugged”.  BB&T, who even though they had a policy not to make subprime mortgages, and were overcapitalized, were “strongly encouraged” to take T.A.R.P. money and ended up paying approximately $250 million  for money they did not originally need to help keep the public in the dark as to which banks were actually sick. What you are about to hear will make you ill.

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