Anybody Want To Argue?

This is a long video, with many brain candy tidbits, i.e., John McCain was a POW longer than Barack Obama was a senator, and why socialism does not work.


In For A Penny….

In For A Penny….

In for a penny, in for a pound.  Every heard that expression?  I think people, in general, judge others by the company they keep.  I know I do.  I mix with like minded and like actioned people.  I believe that most Americans do also.  So when we continue to hear about downright dangerous associations tied to a Presidential Candidate, what are we expected to think and how are we expected to vote?  Shall we throw out the rule that we, in large part live by, just because the Media and the Pundits tell us that it is no big deal?

“Not Freakin’ Likely”, or something quite a bit stronger, is what most of us are saying in our homes while we try not to throw whatever happens to be at hand at the television.

Now, after all the proven radical, racist, anti-American, anti-Semitic, socialist, communist, and marxist associates that have been uncovered, we have the liberal, Barack Obama endorsing, LA Times protecting Barack Obama with the withholding of the Rashid Khalidi video tape featuring Obama toasting the former member of the PLO.  I want to know how a former member of the PLO is even allowed access to our country.  How do people with this kind of background get across the border and become Columbia University Professors.  (I know, the Monster will do the research and get back to you.)

For all those undecided American voters, (who I personally think are voting McCain and not saying they are because they do not want to be labelled as racists like the rest of us), here is the newest Drinkingwithbob video.  After watching that….check out the closing paragraphs.

Back to “In For A Penny”….

John McCain and Sarah Palin; and before The Borg Collective starts screaming “The Keating Five” and “Troopergate”, SHUT UP!  Both of these fine individuals were found NOT GUILTY!  Last time I checked, our courts were still functioning in a democracy, not a third world dictatorship….of course, after the whole debacle in Ohio, that may be changing.

John McCain and Sarah Palin do not associate with radical extremists who spew anti-American and anti-Jewish rhetoric, and who do not belong to terrorist organizations or blow up buildings and kill American citizens.  McCain and Palin do not sit in churchs listening to “kill the blacks”; they don’t – we know that.  Barack and Michelle did, AND they took their children to TUCC.

We also know that John McCain and Sarah Palin are both mavericks that buck the corrupt system and take care of their constituents.  I am so not having a problem voting for this ticket.  I like the company they keep!  I am honored to be voting for a former prisoner of war that has fought for his country and then fought his party and also tried to bring reform to Fannie and Freddie.

I am proud to vote for the Governor of Alaska that has shown through actions that she knows more about energy and helping to make American energy independent than the whole Congress put together.  A $40 Billion Dollar Natural Gas Pipeline to supply the “lower 48” coming to YOU from the Alaska Governor.  What HAS Washington DC done for you lately?  Did they not take $700 Billion of your money to bailout Wall Street?  Was that Bailout Bill not spearheaded by Barack’s own Progressive Socialist Party currently known as Pelosi and the Gang?

I am honored to vote for a ticket that has shown what will be necessary to ensure our economy thrives, and our country gets back on the right track after 8 years of someone who really, really, reminds me of Barack Obama.  I am also privileged to vote for a ticket that respects women by placing them in positions of great power and responsibility; and making sure their compensation is greater than the standard amount.  I have yet to see Barack Obama hire or pay women appropriately.

And for those of you that still think John McCain does not know anything about the economy or Governor Palin is not qualified to be Vice-President; just remember those messages are coming to you from the same people that are saying that Reverend Wright is a non-issue and that Barack’s associates are of no concern.   Move along….nothing to see here….

Nancy…The Monster Is Coming For You!

Nancy…The Monster Is Coming For You!

Nancy Pelosi is talking out of a major part of her anatomy again and unfortunately for the American people, her brain is still disconnected from any rational reality.  I have to hand it to John McCain and Sarah Palin for calling Obama/Pelosi/Reid the liberal trifecta which all PUMAs and disaffected Democrats, (that are currently coming to their senses and becoming independents), have realized since Pelosi and her gang installed Barack Obama as the Democratic Nominee.  Strong language?  Look it up…do the work.  He was selected/not elected.  Why don’tcha start on my Follow The Money page if you want to see more corruption.  We already know about Fannie, Freddie and the Dems.

Back to the story…

Today, our shameless Speaker said this:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Tuesday slammed Republican presidential nominee John McCain for asserting that one-party control of Washington was “dangerous.”

The Arizona senator and his surrogates have adopted the line of attack in recent days that larger Democratic majorities in the House and the Senate, coupled with Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) in the White House, would lead to a raft of liberal policy proposals being made law. On Monday, McCain referred to Pelosi, Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) as a “dangerous threesome.”

Pelosi called McCain’s rhetoric a “scare tactic.”

John McCain and Sarah Palin have been speaking the truth about how dangerous Obama and his cronies are.  Handing the White House to the Most Liberal and Third Most Liberal Senators with Pelosi and Reid backing them is just plain insane!  But it gets better….

“In July, Sen. McCain said that I am an ‘inspiration to millions … I respect Speaker Pelosi’ in a role that is ‘in many ways … more powerful than the president’ and that I am ‘one of the great American success stories,’” Pelosi stated.

I have the distinct impression that the McCain/Palin ticket is finding out what we already know about the Democratic leadership’s backroom dealings.

“The American people are looking for solutions to serious challenges our nation faces. Democrats will work in a bipartisan way to restore the American Dream by growing our economy, establishing our energy independence, increasing access to healthcare and higher education, and work toward responsibly ending the war in Iraq, all while restoring fiscally responsible pay-as-you-go budget discipline,” Pelosi added.

Does anyone believe any of this horse manure?  Isn’t this coming from the same woman that said “Impeachment is off the table”, and the same woman that tried to put a 20% earmark on that first $700 Billion Bailout package for ACORN.  Do the Math – 20% of $700 BILLION for a known voter registration fraud organization.  If you look at Pelosi’s and the Democratic Leadership’s record and believe they are going to “grow our economy” based on socialist principles, I know I have a bridge around here I could sell you…

The Republican National Committee (RNC) panned Pelosi’s statement.

“From passing the largest tax increase in American history to trying to choke off funding for our nation’s troops, Nancy Pelosi has led the biggest spending and most unpopular Congress in American history, which Barack Obama has eagerly supported during his short time in the U.S. Senate,” said RNC spokeswoman Amber Wilkerson. “Just like Obama, Pelosi offered high-flying rhetoric about ‘change’ when Democrats took control of the House in 2006, but her record has demonstrated nothing but partisan wrangling and divisive maneuvering during the past two years.”


Does anyone think John McCain and Sarah Palin are going to allow Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid a free ride?

As for an Obama administration; isn’t anyone a little concerned about what justices he will put forward for the Supreme Court if he believes that the Founding Fathers were way off base?

So just a note to the Democratic Leadership starting with Pelosi, Reid, Dodd, Kerry, and Frank – the Monster is coming for you, and I have all the time in the world.

Dems – Take Your Socialism and Take A Hike

I am so happy to hear that not all Minnesotans have lost their minds, drunk the koolaid, and want to turn our amazing country into the People’s Republic of America! Go John, Go Sarah!

Sarah Palin Hanged

I wonder how these gay men will feel when Obama’s shock troops come for them?

An image of a lynched black man is more intense than an image of a hanging white woman?  In the spirit of Halloween?   ART?  WTF???

This Is Your Life, Barack Obama!

This Is Your Life, Barack Obama!


John McCain can read, write, and usually votes something other than present. John McCain has actually written, and voted on legislation. John and Hillary are real, actual friends. John McCain respects Hillary Clinton and honors her by adopting her ideas to help the American People. John McCain does not say unpatriotic things like “America will never be as great as it once was”, John MCain knows how many states are in the union, and that the Great Lakes are not in Oregon.  John McCain has served his country honorably and is a true hero. John McCain does not associate with questionable folks and does not go to a racist church. John McCain is not a juvenile that flips off his opponent just to make the young crowd happy. John McCain calms the people that are frightened of an Obama Regime and leads with respect for his opponent. John McCain knows the difference between Georgia and Ukraine.  John McCain and Sarah Palin believe in Liberty, Tolerance and Opportunity!

Barack…..not so much!

This is your life Barack!

Thanks to Race For The Truth.

Who Are You Voting For?


Why are we still having this conversation?

Does The Elite Liberal Left Hate The Middle Class?

Does The Elite Liberal Left Hate The Middle Class?

It seems they do; and the DNC leadership, mostly liberal left, have gone to the time, trouble and financial expense of selecting the Most Liberal Senator and Third Most Liberal Senator to run as the Democrat Ticket against the Maverick Ticket on the Republican side.  What with Hollywood elite bashing on Sarah Palin, and Barack Obama speaking at a fundraiser in San Francisco about us regular folks clinging to our guns and religion, you would think that they are just way too good for the rest of America.  Does someone have to remind them who does all the meaningful, brass tacks, peon work in this country?  Where would they be if we were not getting up everyday to do our jobs?  Stuck on the side of the road waiting for a cab, stuck at the airport waiting for someone to take their luggage, stuck at the restaurant waiting for a underpaid, lowly servant to bring their food and clean up after them?  The elite in this country are starting to sound very much like “let them eat cake” and we all know how that worked out for the French aristocracy.

Today, I ran across an interesting article about why Elite Women Hate Palin and I think it definitely sums up the class war that has been in this country since, well since our country was founded.  It also shows just how “high school mentality” this segment of the female population is, and why women who bash on other women make me so very angry.  Isn’t it bad enough that we have been, and continue to be second class citizens in our own country making .77 on the dollar versus men?  Elite women better wake up and smell the coffee, and soon.

Has the “elite” of this country, with the exception of Lady Lynn de Rothschilde and Cindy McCain (both of middle class upbringing),  not realized that the working class of America outnumbers them?  Why is it we only get to see the opinions of hollywood stars and trust fund babies on television?  Oh, I forgot, the MSM is owned by the very same people bashing on the Republican ticket.

“If Sarah Palin is qualified to be a heartbeat away from the presidency, so am I!” (Oh Please!  Not Likely!  Working everyday to make a better place for your children requires very large ovaries and a backbone; elements that are created and made stronger by a lifetime full of adversity.)

These words spoken by my friend Janet were true. But Janet hasn’t put herself in Palin’s position by running for office. She’s made films and renovated houses, cushioned by inherited money. And since she doesn’t have any kids, it’s hard to say what would have gotten in the way if she’d wanted to be in politics. She didn’t, though, any more than 99% of my women friends and acquaintances; she believes in cultivating one’s own garden. (Translation: they are lazy.)

Most women I’ve talked with about Palin–all certified members of either the media elite or the just plain elite–take her nomination personally. Their animus isn’t explained just by her politics; none of them hate Condoleezza Rice, though they disagree with most everything she’s done. Nor, for that matter, do they even dislike John McCain. Typically they “respect” McCain but find him too old or too erratic or simply adore Obama. (Does the adoration of Obama come from his position on the issues or something else?)

It’s as though Palin were an average girl from their boarding school class–or, frankly, from the public school down the road–who unexpectedly won a big prize. “Why not me?” is the subtext, and it’s one I’ve never heard from men talking about male politicians. Many New Yorkers hate George Bush, for instance, and say similar things about his and Palin’s lack of intellectual capability and curiosity about the wider world. But they don’t view him as a personal rival. (What IS IT with women and this rivalry sh**?  See: High School Popularity Contest.  Oh, that’s right, your life has not been filled with trials that forced you to grow up.)

My friends who hate Palin are all more articulate and better educated than she is, better traveled, probably smarter, definitely more fun to talk with. But the reasons they can’t stand Palin are all wrong. (This statement smacks of elitism in and of itself.  How would you know?)

It’s not so much that Palin isn’t one of our own–an Ivy League type, or an Eastern preppie, or a self-made intellectual like Rice. It’s not for the fake feminist reasons that “she’s against freedom of choice” or “she didn’t tell her daughter about birth control.” (Though there is an element of hatred for her fertility, and the fact that it hasn’t impeded her rise.) It’s not because Palin only got a passport a few years ago and doesn’t speak any foreign languages. (Why is that important when domestic issues are taking the forefront in this election?  Issues like the economy, jobs, healthcare?  Last time I checked, speaking foreign languages was not required to balance a state budget.)

No, it’s because Palin makes us look like the slackers we mainly are. We’ve had our bit of success, but we’ve also spent a lot of time smelling the roses. We’ve gone back to school to get another degree, volunteered in poor countries, devoted ourselves to a sport or a hobby. We’ve not had kids, or if we have, we’ve had one or two, and we’ve had nannies paid for by our work or our husbands or our inherited money. (Here is the disconnect and lack of appreciation for what the middle class does.)

We not only have had passports for decades, we’ve put serious mileage on them. We’ve lived overseas or spent months wandering around Africa or India, we understand foreign people and places in ways Palin never will–and yet it’s she who could become vice president, not one of us. (Maybe because she woke up everyday, went to work to make a better life for her family, and deserves it.  Has that occurred to you?)


People who become writers and intellectuals and artists tend not to want power that badly or pursue it that obsessively, which is what makes us interesting and fun–and makes few of us household names. Success at the Palin level in politics or business takes a level of blinkered self-confidence that comes mainly to (a very few) men. A lot of the people with this quality are annoying to be around. Maybe they aren’t very happy with themselves. But it’s not a surprise that a vice presidential nominee should be one of them. (The circles you fly around in must be pretty sad.  Most of my female friends are just like Sarah Palin and have a level of self-confidence you may never attain.  What does this say about me, putting my ego on the line everyday with this blog?)

The lesson of Sarah Palin for privileged women is to try harder. And that may be the toughest one to hear. (I would not say try harder, I would just say “WORK”.)

Sarah Palin and John McCain offer the middle class families of this country what they actually need in the areas of tax relief, health care, leadership, and lest we forgot, HONESTY.  Sarah and John come from the very middle class that Obama and Crew look down their noses at.  Has everyone forgotten that near the end of the primaries, Hillary was kicking Bambi’s behind by 70-20 margins because she is one of the people and he is not?  Party affiliations aside, Sarah and John connect to more people just by the very nature of who the middle class is, and what the middle class does.  Barack Obama can never do that because he has no common point of reference. He was raised by one of those middle class grandmothers who worked hard to make a better life for her family while Barry was out surfing, drinking and doing drugs.

Sarah and John are not tainted by the subprime mortgage meltdown, yet Barack Obama, Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, and the Democratic Congress are.

Look at Sarah and John’s records and you will see elected officials that have put the American people first,  unlike Obama and his buddies in the Democratic party who fostered all the bad mortgages under Fannie and Freddie.

Sarah and John’s stories are our stories.  PTA mom that took a passion for her children and turned it into a career, and POW that has lived the worst and seen the best in Americans.

At this point, a vote for McCain/Palin is the only viable option.

Why are we still having this conversation?

New Mexico Stump Speech Smackdown

The general public that was working today did not get a chance to see this whole stump speech by John McCain in New Mexico.  I mean really, we don’t record John’s stump speeches because he is always such a gentleman that takes the high road or he is just old and boring, depending on your opinion.

Fortunately for us, he has decided to go to the place that PUMAs have been living in for months!  The Character and Integrity, (or lack thereof) of the empty chair from Chicago that is still drawing a paycheck from us, the American People while he campaigns.  Thank You So Much John McCain for talking about the real issues with this empty suit.

What will happen for the rest of the GP, is that you will get tidbits that the MSM decides you should see, if anything at all.  Go to CSpan for the entire video.  For those that only have a few minutes, feel free to watch the smackdown.  It made me feel so much better that someone was speaking about what we, as PUMAs, have been yelling from the rooftops for ages.

I do believe that John McCain finally has given all those undecideds and “dem is always better than repubs” voters some reasons not to vote for the empty chair with a hidden agenda.

My favorite line:  “I didn’t just show up out of nowhere.”

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