John Brennan On Helping The Enemy

White House Counter-Terrorism Advisor John Brennan speaking to members of a thinktank believes that America should be bolstering the moderate political elements of Hizbollah; the terrorist organization responsible for the Beirut bombing in 1983 that killed 241 American servicemen. ┬áRadical Islamic (oh, crap – I said it out loud) terrorists are NOT going to stop … Read more

Plea Agreements With Terrorists?

Another AYFKM? moment in our nation’s history. Deputy National Security Advisor John Brennan speaking about terrorists as criminals, and using plea agreements to obtain more information. From RCP: MR. GREGORY: Why isn’t he be treat–being treated as an enemy combatant instead of a criminal? MR. BRENNAN: Well, because, first of all, we’re a country of … Read more

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