The Monster Rides Again!

Well Monster readers, I am officially back in the saddle, and none too soon it appears as the loss of the Republic two days ago with the re-election re-installation of the Dictator By Executive Order is prompting a slew of new United Nations and Global Elites’ assaults on our sovereign liberty.  NOT that Romney would have been any better, and in some cases, much worse.  The self-centered little shit currently in the WH is a known commodity and there is no chance of a herd of corporate owned moos being wooed, distracted and then betrayed by their glorious leader.  We KNOW who Barack Obama is, we know what to expect, and where to look for the smoking guns.

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AYFKM?: Who Are The Real Financial Terrorists?

In yesterday’s commentary, I pointed out that the name calling starting with ‘racists’ to ‘astroturf‘ to ‘domestic terrorists’ to ‘radicals and extremists‘ to ‘hobbits‘ was not going to make one iota of difference to tea party patriots who don’t give a flying rat’s a** what the left, the right, and the political elite call us because we are trying to keep our children from being sold down the river by those very same greed-driven pirates.  I pointed out that the political class were going to have to do better with the name calling.  Enter ‘financial terrorists’ (and our reaction is….yawn…whatever…we’ll still be here waiting you bastards out when it all comes tumbling down…and rest assured it will; one can only loot an entire world’s population for so long.)

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GOP To Raise Taxes In Exchange For Medicare And Social Security Cuts?

A few gooses are about to get cooked, but then again, what did we expect from the other side of the globalist coin?

According to Newsmax, Senator Jon Kyl has stated that there will be upwards of $200 billion in ‘new revenue’ on the debt ceiling deal and the Washington Post is reporting Obama stating the democrats will make significant cuts to Social Security and Medicare.  TheHill is reporting that Boehner’s GOP is considering upwards of $1 trillion in new revenues.  Does that not just warm your heart and make you want to go back to sleep and let the elites run the world?

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