Dems – Take Your Socialism and Take A Hike

I am so happy to hear that not all Minnesotans have lost their minds, drunk the koolaid, and want to turn our amazing country into the People’s Republic of America! Go John, Go Sarah!

First Joe The Plumber, Now Tito The Builder

Hey – did you see this earlier video of the general public (mostly I am Joe The Builder Types) taking on the MSM and telling them they were biased?  This was our introduction to Tito The Builder and now we have Tito introducing Sarah Palin – I JUST LOVE THIS COUNTRY!!!!  Country First!!!!  NOBAMA, Not Now, Not Ever!!!

Believe In The Silent Majority

PUMAs have been saying that the MSM is in the tank for Obama and that they are not fairly investigating Obama.  We have also been telling folks not to believe the polling being done by the very same people who are in the tank for Obama because it does not reflect the “silent majority” that will vote against Obama and for McCain.  It has also been reported that those of us PUMAs, 12 in all, will not swing this election.  You can stop laughing now….I found this video over at PaganPower and I just had to post it because I know it will bring a smile and make you laugh.  Guess What?  Main Street America are PUMAs and they do not even know it!!  I JUST LOVE THIS COUNTRY!  Hele Mai!  Country First!!!  Radical Socialism NEVER!!  No Vote For Bambi!

Another View Of Joe The Plumber and Barack Obama

I want to thank Will Bower of PUMA08 for sending me this video of drinkingwithbob about our new favorite “hero”, Joe the Plumber.  I am pretty damn sure that after watching the video you are going to be thinking Bob needs to be added to Joe the Plumber, Harriet Christian, and Lady Lynn as heroes and heroines of the Constitutional American Dream.

I was warned to turn the sound down and I am issuing the same warning to my readers.  If you are not laughing your butts off by the end of this most perfect rant, then maybe you need another cup of real f*ckin’ coffee (ala Denis Leary).  Bob certainly has had quite enough!

One More Thing….Bob Has Got It Going ON!!!!!!

One More….”Bigger Economic Crisis On The Way”:

I Have To Add Another One:

“Barack Is A Disaster”

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