Glenn Beck, 1.11.2010: Jobs (The Real Story), Chavez and Socialists

Glenn introduces a special that is going to be aired on January 22nd about the truth about Che, Mao, and Stalin as the murderers that they are, and a quote from one of his producers who is researching the special, and who has a degree in history saying “I’m pissed off, I never learned any of this.  I want to know why.”.

Also Glenn covers the real story of jobs, and for those who want to read up, go here. The chart about job losses during past recessions is going to blow your mind.

Then Glenn goes into the similarities between Obama and Chavez, and interviews Pat Cadell after Pat sent him a letter this past weekend about the American Renaissance that is occuring right now, and how one stupid event could send our republic over the edge.

To see the entire show after 7pm est, go here.

Part 2, (Chavez):

Part 3 (Congress Gives Rights, Not The Creator):

Part 4 (Pat Cadell’s Letter and Interview):

Part 5 (Stupid Americans and More Pat Cadell):

What’s Up With That .2% Decline?

This morning the new jobs report was posted by the BLS stating that unemployment had dropped from 10.2% to 10%.  I was actually up at 3am working on something else because with 18 jobs, (count em’, 18 total), listed in the local newspaper, some random employer is not going to save my family’s bacon.  I waited to see what the number was.  When I saw a drop of .2% from October, I had to wonder, what’s up with that?  How could the numbers be going down when I know more people out of work, storefronts continue to empty, and most of the “stimulus” has not been spent.  Yes, the stock market is going up, and then down, and then up, but gold has made an olympic sprint for regions unknown.  We know that small businesses are credit starved by the banks, and investors are waiting around to see how bad this administration’s policies are going to get before they jump in the pool again.  So what ‘s up with a .2% decline?  Are we all just chicken littles screaming about the sky falling, or are our eyes, ears, and gray cells deceiving us?


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