Jobs Summit

Glenn Beck, 12.04.09: The Socialist Jobs Summit

Glenn comes to the same conclusions about the socialist jobs summit and the decline in unemployment that my smart readers have come to.  Namely, small business was shut out of the meetings, and 11,000 jobs lost is STILL 11,000 Americans that are no longer working.   I am sure that when the Apollo Alliance writes Stimulus 3.0, they will make sure nobody else loses their job, right? Part 1: Go here to watch the entire show.
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Obama’s Job Summit Does Not Include The Chamber Of Commerce (UPDATED)

Anybody surprised?  Also, anybody surprised that this is going on during Ben Bernanke's hearings (live streaming coverage) to retain his cushy job running the private banking cartel known as The Federal Reserve System? UPDATE: I just learned on Beck that the Chamber represents companies that employ 115 MILLION AMERICANS. How's that for transparency and inclusion? The Jobs Summit is a photo op and more snake oil for the masses. (more…)
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It’s Just A Jobs Bill, Not Stimulus 3.0; (And We Would NEVER Lie To You!)

No, no, no, no,....they kept saying.  Nope, we aren't doing another stimulus package, we are just doing some job creation.  No, no, no....that first (dem) $787 Billion is not actually $3.27 TRILLION.  No, no, no....we aren't even thinking about more stimulus, just a neat, little, tidy jobs bill.  Yes, we know we started writing our second stimulus bill back in March, but we did not think you were watching.  Why ever are you paying such close attention?  Are you a domestic terrorist?  Do we need to put your ass on a watch list?  You want us to do what?  Answer…
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