Job Losses

Obamacare Passes; Say Goodbye To Jobs

Math is the unrelenting arbiter of all government entitlement programs. It does not take a rocket scientist to understand that if a person or business is required to pay more in taxes, that person, family or business MUST make cuts somewhere to stay even, or in the case of a business, try to make a profit.  Only the federal government believes one can continue to run in the red infinitely. The Monster will continue to hammer the point that this administration is all about draining the personal coffers of citizens and businesses, not so much to re-distribute the wealth to…
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The Real Impact Of The Stimulus Bill: Job Losses

The Committee on Ways & Means (Republicans) has just come out with a compilation of the real job losses since the "save or create" stimulus bill was rammed down our throats.  Congratulations to the only state to create jobs, North Dakota, with a job creation total of 1,800 jobs. On the bright side, all that money we gave the big banks saved quite a few jobs while destroying the small business owner and the middle class.  High Five to the White House, Rahm Emanuel, and the rest of the social collectivists among us. Committee On Ways & Means Republicans The…
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Rasmussen Reports On Current Economic Sitution

21 straight months of job losses. 62% of Americans believe that their childrens lives will not be better than theirs. Are we all wrong, or is it because we don't get to use the federal credit card every time we or our friends get into trouble? Ready to flip this Congress and White House back to fiscally responsible Americans? Ready to get rid of The Federal Reserve and Federal Reserve Notes? Ready to make this government live within it's means? Ready to stop the trainwreck that the two-party system controlled by progressive socialists has put us on?
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