Jekyll Island

Glenn Beck, 3.25.2011: History Of The Federal Reserve & Jekyll Island

Glenn accurately explains the history of the Federal Reserve System with national treasure G. Edward Griffin, (author of The Creature From Jekyll Island), as one of his guests. This is a must see for those dumbed down corporate owned moos that can no longer read and must watch videos to actually learn anything of value. For those that want to watch G. Edward Griffin's more indepth video lecture from 1994 about how the banksters wrote and implemented the federal reserve system, go here. P.S. Guess who is making money while we are losing our jobs, homes, and going on food…
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Glenn Beck Devoting An Entire Hour To The Federal Reserve’s Beginnings

I just received this message via email from G. Edward Griffin about Glenn Beck devoting his entire Friday show to the Federal Reserve and it's founding at Jekyll Island.  Hopefully, Beck will do right by Mr. Griffin's research and let millions of Americans in on the dirty little secret of the globalists from way back in 1910.  For those that still have not seen Mr. Griffin's 1994 lecture on this subject, you can find the videos on "The Fed" page at the top of this blog, or just hit this link. GLENN BECK WILL PLUG The Creature from Jekyll Island…
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America’s Economic Collapse: An Intricate Web Of Money, Power and Political Agendas, Part 3

For Parts 1 and 2, go here. America's Economic Collapse: An Intricate Web of Money, Power and Political Agendas, Part 3 (Author's Note: There has been comments about the conspiracy theory surrounding JFK and EO11110. This article has two distincts parts; G. Edward Griffin's take on that theory and the continuation of the "Money Men".  Skip the first part if you want to get back to the Fed quickly.) There are probably few people that do not know who President John F. Kennedy was, and how he was assassinated on November 22nd, 1963.  What is a little known fact is…
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