Gordon Brown Is Imploding

…or…Another One Bites The Dust.  Gordon Brown’s administration is imploding and calls for his resignation are getting louder.  Do you think our Congress will pay attention when the british government collapses because their treasury is empty because of Gordon Brown’s “stimulus” spending, and slow down the freight train of printing, spending and debt that is going to collapse our economy if it does not stop?

U.K. Minister Quits, Asks Brown to Resign

Another minister in Gordon Brown’s cabinet resigned — and also called for the U.K. prime minister himself to quit — as the Labour Party braced for a poor showing in local and European elections.

U.K. voters cast ballots Thursday for both local offices and spots in the European Parliament, with a focus on the question of how well — or how poorly — the ruling Labour Party, headed by Mr. Brown, will fare. It’s the last U.K.-wide electoral test ahead of a general election which must be called before next June, and Mr. Brown’s party has been forecast in some recent polls to finish third or even fourth in both elections. That would add to pressure for the prime minister to step aside amid frustrations with the U.K.’s recession and a series of scandals.

As polls closed at 10 p.m. in London on Thursday, Mr. Brown received another rude shock, this one from a member of his own cabinet. U.K. Work and Pensions Secretary James Purnell resigned from the post and called on Mr. Brown to step aside for the good of the Labour Party.

Mr. Purnell became the third member of Mr. Brown’s cabinet to quit in as many days — but the first to openly call for the prime minister to quit. While not the biggest name in the cabinet, Mr. Purnell has been seen as a rising star.

“I now believe your continued leadership makes a Conservative victory more, not less, likely,” wrote Mr. Purnell in a letter to Mr. Brown. The opposition Conservative Party has surged ahead of Labour in opinion polls in recent months. Mr. Purnell added: “Calling on you to stand aside to give our party a fighting chance of winning” in the next general election.

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