How Much Power Do The Liberals Want To Give Sarah Palin

Ever heard the saying “any press is good press.”  I mean really; how stupid are these people?  I would not have touched this issue for a million bucks.  I hope they keep stooping to new lows.  If this is all they can attack her on, what is 2010 and 2012 actually going to look like?

Keith Olbermann Mocks Sarah Palin’s Palm Crib Notes – 02/08/10

MSNBC’s Mitchell Compares Sarah Palin’s 6 Words-in a Hand to Obama’s Start-to-Finish Teleprompter

Cafferty, Blitzer hate on popular conservative Sarah Palin after Cafferty ponders her next move

Chris Matthews is obsessed with Sarah Palin

The Million Dollar Questions:

  1. How stupid are progressives?
  2. Have progressives ever played chess?
  3. Have these people never heard of Newton’s Laws of Motion?

Jack Cafferty Is Upset Now?! Too Bad, Too Late!

A little buyer’s remorse?  Oh please! You, Jack, are a total punk.  You gave up your right to blast the pResident and the democrats when CNN and YOU became the Obama Propaganda Machine during the primary and general elections.  You want us to “remember some of this crap when the mid-term elections roll around later this year.”  Don’t worry, Jack, we have very long memories; we remember that you were one of the journalists, and I am using that term loosely, that helped ‘make history’, you shill!

Too late Jack, CNN is headed for the bottom because of a MSM complicit in the election of The Chosen One, a lame-a**, marketed candidate and now inept pResident.   Happy Trails!!!

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