Inciting Violence

Today’s AYFKM? Award: “Kick A Ginger Day”

ARE YOU FRAKKIN' KIDDING ME? A facebook group advocating violence toward redheads with the bonus of schoolchildren being assaulted by their classmates because of it?  Criminal charges anyone? I tell you what, just send the creators of the Facebook group,("Kick A Ginger Day"), to my home and see what happens when they attempt to "kick a ginger" - a mature, armed, ginger who is SICK TO DEATH of being treated like a 4th class citizen because I happened to be born with red hair, and the temper to boot.  (I am so pissed right now that I have, to quote…
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Nancy Realizes That 2010 Is Important (Updated)

(Update: Please see the additional article after this initial email from the inciter.) Nancy is living in her own special version of "my little pony world", and I wish that enough Californians would wake up and kick her butt to the curb.  Once again, she is sending out letters begging for money because we are all lying about Obama and wreaking havoc in the nation.  She thinks the left needs to restore "civility", while I just attended the largest gathering of Americans where not one person was arrested, and where I did not hear one harsh word spoken.  I just…
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