Impeach Obama

‘Impeach Obama’ Billboard In Oshkosh, Wisconsin (Of All Places)

I have been waiting for this billboard.  I am surprised it took this long for it to show up.  The good aspect?  It's going to be up for six months, and as predictable as Obama is, he's going to make the case for that billboard. 'Impeach Obama' billboard along Hwy. 41 OSHKOSH - A controversial billboard along Highway 41 is catching people's attention. It calls for President Obama to be removed from office. The spot, near the Oshkosh Correctional Institute, is also becoming a popular spot for motorists to pull over and snap a picture. "The sign kind of struck…
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How Does The White House Keep The Ponzi Scheme Going? (UPDATED)

Have you looked at the US Debt Clock?  Go to the bottom and look at the $105 Trillion in unfunded liabilities and then read on. From WorldNetDaily and Jerome Corsi's Red Alert: It's official! U.S. government is bankrupt 'It's only a matter of time before the public realizes it' The real 2008 federal budget deficit was $5.1 trillion, not the $455 billion previously reported by the Congressional Budget Office, according to the 2008 Financial Report of the United States Government released by the U.S. Department of Treasury, Jerome Corsi's Red Alert reports. The difference between the $455 billion "official" budget…
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Your Daily Glenn Beck; 10.15.09: Anita Dunn and Chairman Mao

I have become desensitized to the horror inside our White House because this didn't even make me say anything close to AYFKM? I'm am still thinking of what grounds can be used to impeach this pResident and his entire administration. Anita Dunn; White House Communications Director speaking this past June to high school students about Chairman Mao as one of her favorite political philosophers right alongside Mother Theresa. I wonder if the Blessed Mother Theresa is asking AYFKM? when being put together with a communist dictator that has killed is responsible for the deaths of an estimated 70 million people;…
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“You Should Help The People Of Iran” (UPDATED)

UPDATE: 12:49AM EST 6.25.09 In Iran, family members wait and worry outside Evin Prison Reporting from Tehran -- The mothers and fathers, aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters wait. They sip tea, amble around, look at their watches and stare at the posted lists of names, about 700 or 800 of them. They arrived early outside Evin Prison, the notorious complex of buildings in northern Tehran where most of the Iranians arrested in the recent unrest have been locked up. By 8 a.m., dozens have gathered, standing around the entrance or sitting on brown plastic chairs after wiping away the…
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