‘Impeach Obama’ Billboard In Oshkosh, Wisconsin (Of All Places)

I have been waiting for this billboard.  I am surprised it took this long for it to show up.  The good aspect?  It’s going to be up for six months, and as predictable as Obama is, he’s going to make the case for that billboard.

‘Impeach Obama’ billboard along Hwy. 41

OSHKOSH – A controversial billboard along Highway 41 is catching people’s attention. It calls for President Obama to be removed from office.

The spot, near the Oshkosh Correctional Institute, is also becoming a popular spot for motorists to pull over and snap a picture.

“The sign kind of struck me as being very forceful. I was driving up to Green Bay this morning and saw it. It just surprised me that a sign like that would be out there, that blatant,” said Gary Fox, of Waukesha.

Fox said he agrees with the ‘Impeach Obama’ billboard. The tagline is: ‘America’s small businesses are failing, help us spread the message.’

“I just think what Obama is doing and the whole administration and the Democratic Congress is just bad for business when you look at the deficits and everything they’re doing,” said Fox.

Jones Sign Company said the billboard went up on Thursday.
So, who paid for it?

FOX 11 went looking and it turns out it wasn’t a group of small business owners. It was Tom Wroblewski, an attorney in Menasha.

When we stopped at his office, he told us he isn’t ready to talk about it. Democrats, on the other hand, are ready to talk.

“I don’t know what’s impeachable about having a bad opinion about the President. I know a lot of people that would have impeached the last one,” said Jef Hall, the chairman of the Winnebago County Democratic Party.

Hall argues President Obama’s economic policies are helping small businesses.

“I can point to, here in Winnebago County, several businesses that are receiving contracts because of the stimulus plan,” said Hall.

Both sides say the sign does grab your attention; they just disagree on whether it serves any purpose.

Those who want to take a look will have some time. The billboard will be up for at least six months, at a cost of $1,000 a month.

How Does The White House Keep The Ponzi Scheme Going? (UPDATED)

Have you looked at the US Debt Clock?  Go to the bottom and look at the $105 Trillion in unfunded liabilities and then read on.

From WorldNetDaily and Jerome Corsi’s Red Alert:

It’s official! U.S. government is bankrupt
‘It’s only a matter of time before the public realizes it’

The real 2008 federal budget deficit was $5.1 trillion, not the $455 billion previously reported by the Congressional Budget Office, according to the 2008 Financial Report of the United States Government released by the U.S. Department of Treasury, Jerome Corsi’s Red Alert reports.

The difference between the $455 billion “official” budget deficit numbers and the $5.1 trillion budget deficit based on data reported in the 2008 financial report is that the official budget deficit is calculated on a cash basis, where all tax receipts, including Social Security tax receipts, are used to pay government liabilities as they occur.

The calculations in the 2008 financial report are calculated on a GAAP basis (“Generally Accepted Accounting Practices”) that includes year-for-year changes in the net present value of unfunded liabilities in social insurance programs such as Social Security and Medicare. Under cash accounting, the government makes no provision for future Social Security and Medicare benefits in the year in which those benefits accrue.

Economist John Williams, who publishes the website Shadow Government Statistics, told Corsi, “As bad as 2008 was, the $455 billion budget deficit on a cash basis and the $5.1 trillion federal budget deficit on a GAAP accounting basis does reflect any significant money reflected to the financial bailout or Troubled Asset Relief Program, or TARP, which was approved after the close of the fiscal year.”

He continued, “For 2009, the Congressional Budget Office estimated the fiscal year 2009 budget deficit as being $1.2 trillion on a cash basis, and that was before taking into consideration the full costs of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, before the cost of the Obama nearly $800 billion economic stimulus plan, or the cost of the second $350 billion tranche in TARP funds, as well as all current bailouts being contemplated by the U.S. Treasury and Federal Reserve.”

Williams told Corsi the federal government’s deficit is hemorrhaging at a pace that threatens the viability of the financial system. He said the 2009 budget deficit will clearly exceed $2 trillion on a cash basis and the full amount must be funded by Treasury borrowing. He noted that it’s not likely to happen without the Federal Reserve acting as lender of last resort by buying Treasury debt and monetizing the debt.

Corsi explained, “‘Monetizing the debt’ is a term used to signify that the U.S. Treasury will ultimately be required to print cash to meet Treasury debt obligations, acting in this capacity only because the Treasury cannot sell the huge amount of debt elsewhere, possibly not even to the Federal Reserve.”

So far, the Treasury has been largely dependent upon foreign buyers, principally China and Japan and other major holders of U.S. dollar foreign exchange reserves, including Middle East oil-producing nations purchasing U.S. debt through their financial agents in London.

“The appetite of foreign buyers to purchase continued trillions of U.S. debt has become more questionable as the world has witnessed the rapid deterioration of the U.S. fiscal condition in the current financial crisis,” Williams noted.

Corsi wrote, “The sad reality is that the U.S. Treasury has not reserved any funds to cover the future Social Security and Medicare obligations we are incurring today.”

Williams said there are no funds held in reserve today for Social Security and Medicare obligations each year. He said it’s only a matter of time until the public realizes that the government is truly bankrupt.

Corsi wrote that if President Obama adds universal health care to list of entitlement payments the federal government is obligated to pay, the negative net worth of the United States government will only get worse.

Calculations from the 2008 Financial Report of the United States Government show that the GAAP negative net worth of the federal government has increased to $59.3 trillion, while the total federal obligations under GAAP accounting now total $65.5 trillion.

Williams explained the federal government is truly bankrupt and argued that in a post-Enron world, if the federal government were a corporation such as General Motors, “the president and senior Treasury officers would be in federal penitentiary.”

Numerous bloggers have been talking about the Cloward Piven strategy to overwhelm the system for well over a  year now.  Go here and here to educate yourself on what is really happening in Amerika.

For those in power that do fly bys of this site; when are you going to issue a timeout?


UPDATE: Bernanke Weighs In

From Washington Examiner; 10.19.09

Bernanke says US must ‘substantially reduce’ budget deficits

WASHINGTON — Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke called Monday for the United States to whittle down its record-high budget deficits and for countries like China to get their consumers to spend more.

Bernanke said those moves would help reduce “global imbalances” — uneven trade and investment flows among countries that contributed to the financial crisis.

The Fed chief’s remarks to a Fed conference in Santa Barbara, California, came after the government said Friday that the U.S. budget deficit hit a $1.42 trillion deficit for the 2009 budget year that ended Sept. 30. The previous year’s deficit was $459 billion.

Bernanke’s comments also followed pledges made by leaders of the Group of 20 nations at their summit last month in Pittsburgh to reduce global imbalances, such as Asians savings too much and Americans savings too little. Some improvement has been made in this area, but more progress is needed, he said.

Money from countries with trade surpluses like China has flowed into the United States, a factor thought to have contributed to the low interest rates that helped feed the U.S. housing bubble.

Bernanke said the best way for the United States to increase savings is to steadily reduce the federal budget deficits. He didn’t suggest ways to do so.

Fielding questions after his speech, Bernanke said the United States is in a “difficult fiscal situation” and that Congress and the White House must find ways to boost confidence in the U.S. economy and the dollar. He said he thinks those stakes are “very well understood in Washington.” (emphasis mine)

See Cloward Piven Strategy AGAIN!

Your Daily Glenn Beck; 10.15.09: Anita Dunn and Chairman Mao

I have become desensitized to the horror inside our White House because this didn’t even make me say anything close to AYFKM? I’m am still thinking of what grounds can be used to impeach this pResident and his entire administration.

Anita Dunn; White House Communications Director speaking this past June to high school students about Chairman Mao as one of her favorite political philosophers right alongside Mother Theresa. I wonder if the Blessed Mother Theresa is asking AYFKM? when being put together with a communist dictator that has killed is responsible for the deaths of an estimated 70 million people; 10-12 times more than Hitler.  Probably not; but Mao probably is.

The first 10 minutes of Glenn’s show:

Can We Impeach Obama YET?

“You Should Help The People Of Iran” (UPDATED)

“You Should Help The People Of Iran” (UPDATED)

UPDATE: 12:49AM EST 6.25.09

In Iran, family members wait and worry outside Evin Prison

Reporting from Tehran — The mothers and fathers, aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters wait.

They sip tea, amble around, look at their watches and stare at the posted lists of names, about 700 or 800 of them.

They arrived early outside Evin Prison, the notorious complex of buildings in northern Tehran where most of the Iranians arrested in the recent unrest have been locked up.

By 8 a.m., dozens have gathered, standing around the entrance or sitting on brown plastic chairs after wiping away the dew.

They hold pay vouchers or shop licenses to use as collateral to bail out family members and friends. Many were called late the previous night and told to come here.

But no one is there to tell them where to go or what to do.

One man approaches the gate of a shuttered general courthouse near the prison entrance.

A kindly soldier approaches. “My dear father,” he says. “You must go to the Revolutionary Court on Moallem Street. They will say where and when your child will be released.”

Some families split up. Sister and brother go to Moallem Street. Mother and father stand in front of Evin just in case, keeping in touch via cellphones, which have begun to work again after spotty service during the protests.

There is little to do while waiting. In front of the courthouse, a blue-roofed trailer serves as a little shop, selling tea bags and hot water in disposable cups and offering photocopying services for documents such as birth certificates.

Sheets of paper bearing the handwritten names of those held inside are taped on the outside of the trailer. They flutter in the breeze. Visitors strain their eyes to read the names of those arrested Saturday, when the capital burned.

The names of those arrested earlier are typed up, along with the name of the courthouse where they will be tried, and stuck on the glass panes of the courthouse next to Evin.

Massoud, the elderly father of a prisoner named Saman Sahrai, and his wife look for traces of their son on the lists.

“I found the name,” she is overheard announcing dryly.

Massoud chuckles. “Who can dare to say that a mother’s instinct is not strong enough,” he says. “My eyes cannot see well enough.”

Most of the approximately 40 people gathered outside the prison decline to give their full name or, in some cases, even their first name for fear of reprisal.

Massoud says he was called late the night before to come to the prison with his salary voucher as bail to get his son released.

A soldier at the prison tells him to go to the Revolutionary Court.

“Getting arrested was a good lesson for my son,” Massoud says.

“If he is released, he will appreciate his father and mother better than before, and will realize what it is to earn a living in this country and he hopefully will stick to his education and finding a job.”


h/t Atlas Shrugs


Protestors Set Up Barricade


I am still searching for the La Stampa article..but it has been cited in three other sources.

Power and Opposition In Iran Start Mass Money Export From Country

Baku, Fineko/abc.az. Political crisis in Iran has led to mass outflow of capital from the country.

La Stampa, citing Italian intelligence service, reports that Iranian large banks started active money transfer from the country. Money are leaving both banks which are under control of Islamic Leadership of Iran and those relating to Rafsanjani that stands behind opposition presidential nominee Mir Hossein Musavi who has refused so far to admit his defeat in elections.

Reconciliation between supporters and opponents of Makhmud Ahmadinejad is already impossible. Both sides are preparing for decisive fight following which anybody of them will have to flee from Iran.

According to La Stampa’s data, over the last 48 hours banks Saderat, Bank-e Melli, Bank-e Sepah and Melat have started transferring finances to Turkey, Malaysia, Pakistan, Indonesia and UAE. Money are transferred by not large tranches up to $10 million. According to Italian intelligence service, finances transferred abroad belong to different non-governmental funds submitted to Islamic Leadership of Iran.

Activity of the Iranian Fund of Repressed and Invalids of War, the Fund of Martyrs, the Homeyni Fund and other similar organizations are under close control of western intelligence services, considering that precisely through these funds Tehran finances such terrorist groups abroad as Hezbollah and HAMAS.


Heard RUMOR that clerics are transferring money out of Iran – searching for confirmation from european newspapers.


EU parliament head prepared to lead delegation to Iran

Iranian Nobel laureate Shirin Ebadi’s appeals to the EU to respond to the violence in her country are bearing fruit: the president of the EU parliament is considering sending an unprecedented delegation to Tehran.

EU Parliament President Hans-Gert Poettering said Wednesday that he is prepared to lead a delegation of European deputies to Iran to study allegations of fraud in the recent election that returned hardliner Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to another four years in power.

Shirin Ebadi with EU External Affairs Commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner on Tuesday, June 23, 2009Bildunterschrift: Großansicht des Bildes mit der Bildunterschrift: Shirin Ebadi (right) also met with EU External Affairs Commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner

His comments came after meeting Iranian Nobel peace prize winner Shirin Ebadi, who has been campaigning for EU countries and other members of the international community to “express their protest” over Tehran’s violent crackdown on opposition demonstrators.

“I will recommend to the European parliament political groups to send a delegation of the European parliament as quickly as possible to Tehran,” Poettering said after talks with Ebadi in Brussels.

“I have never done this before but this…is so severe and important that I’m ready to go myself as president of the European parliament to show our solidarity with the people in Iran,” he said.

Poettering said he had no way of knowing whether Iranian authorities would permit such a delegation to enter the country, adding that he would “follow the diplomatic procedure.”


Revolutionary Guards commander defies Khamenei’s orders to use force on protestors

A commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards has been arrested for refusing to obey Iran’s Supreme Leader, according to reports from the Balatarin website.

Earlier today the Revolutionary Guards issued a warning on its website threatening to come down hard on Iranians who continue protesting against what many in the country see as rigged elections.

The Revolutionary Guards is a separate body to the mainstream armed forces in Iran and is seen as one of the main and most powerful bodies responsible for protecting the Islamic theocratic regime.

General Ali Fazli, who was recently appointed as a commander of the Revolutionary Guards in the province of Tehran, is reported to have been arrested after he refused to carry out orders from the Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei to use force on people protesting the controversial re-election of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

For full coverage of the Iranian election protests click here

(Editor’s note: Please be aware that due to intense media restrictions imposed by the Iranian government, it was not possible for IBTimes to independently verify many of the reports.)

Fazli, a veteran of the devastating Iran-Iraq war is also believed to have been sacked and taken to an unknown location.



Last Messages

11:30am EST 6.24.09

we must go – dont know when we can get internet – they take 1 of us, they will torture and get names – now we must move fast – #Iranelection

Everybody is under arrest & cant move – Mousavi – Karroubi even rumour Khatami is in house guard – #Iranelection –

they pull away the dead into trucks – like factory – no human can do this – we beg Allah for save us – #Iranelection

Lalezar Sq is same as Baharestan – unbelevable – ppls murdered everywhere – #Iranelection

they catch ppl with mobile – so many killed today – so many injured – Allah Akbar – they take one of us – #Iranelection



Iranian Revolution March on Parliament Building

Barack Hussein Obama? Are You Listening?  Oh!  That’s Right!  You have a townhall meeting about single payer health care rationing tonight with your bestest buddies, ABC.  Maybe the mullahs are right when they say that America is responsible for this massacre.  I am thinking that you being such a pantywaist has sent the message that it is okay to commit genocide in Iran.


Hey Bambi, maybe if we help these people we may be able to repair our image around the world? Whaccha think?

Can We Impeach Obama Yet?

TurboTax Timmie and Senator Corker

Timmie is trying to defend The Fed and not doing a very good job of it.  Timmie just ain’t that smart even though he does seem to think he is, and in the second video Senator Corker asks for assurances that no one from the White House ends up as the next Fed chairman when Bernanke’s opportunity to crash our economy ends in January, 2010. (That’s my snark, my bad.)

Our founding fathers warned against having a central bank that printed money and loaned it back to us, and each president that even broached the idea of abolishing a central bank ended up 6 feet under.  What’s up with that?

I have been studying the 88 page financial reform white pages to see what exactly is hidden inside because you know there is something lurking there that is even more un-Constitutional than the Fed itself.   I will post what I find when it makes sense to me, and I can explain it to you.

As for The Fed becoming even more powerful; please, how much more crap are we going to take from this administration before we set them straight?  Is this not the same banking cartel that lost/misplaced $9 Trillion dollars, and now would have control over corporations like Target, Harley-Davidson and Pitney Bowes? Is this not the same banking cartel that will issue $2 Trillion of debt this year alone in conjunction with our insane treasury and WH? Why hasn’t Bernanke told Geithner to STOP ALREADY?  I know, that’s a stupid question…my bad.

Senator Corker grilling the teenager.

When it comes to central banks around the world, just because “everyone is doing it”, does not make it the right thing to do – just look at what ended up in our White House.

Can we impeach Obama yet?

Is it time to clean house yet?

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