Housing Market

How Healthy Is The Housing Market? (UPDATED)

I have a few questions for you.  How many of you believe that the housing market is recovering, stable, and has a floor underneath it? After reading the following article, what do you think is about to happen, and does it have anything to do with the pipeline from The Treasury to Fannie and Freddie? Stakes are high as government plans exit from mortgage markets For more than a year, the government pulled out the stops to revive home buying by driving down mortgage rates. Now, whether the housing market is ready or not, the government is pulling out. The…
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The Fed Is Worried About The Housing Market?

How many more pots is The Fed going to dip their fingers into?  Are you as worried as I am about all the mortgages that are going to reset in the next three years?  Recovery?  What Recovery?  We are sliding farther into the abyss while Barry, Harry, and Nancy congratulate themselves on Obamacare.  And what about Fannie and Freddie? How are they going to be affected in the next 3 years? Some at Fed See a Need to Do More for Housing Despite extensive government intervention in the housing market, some policy makers at the Federal Reserve are worried that…
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